Big Brother 17 Live Feed Spoilers: Daily Recap 07.14.2015

Here’s a recap of everything important that went down of the Big Brother Live Feeds from 7:00 AM BBT on July 14th, all the way through 8:00 AM July 15th.

WARNING: Spoilers below (duh).

Vanessa gets to write her HOH blog and gets her camera. The houseguests waste the morning taking pictures. Audrey refuses to participate as “half of these people don’t give a f*ck about me. I don’t want to be in pictures with them”.

Shelli and Clay decide if they win HOH this week, they’ll put up James, Meg, Jason, and a pawn. Vanessa and Liz study for the next HOH competition by memorizing facts around the house.

Vanessa says to John she really doesn’t want Jeff to stay. John says that even if he votes out Jason, Jeff will still leave.

Clay and Liz discuss the eviction. Liz says she’s still up in the air, while Clay says he thinks he’s voting out Jeff. Liz says that Jeff came to her and said she owes him a favor.

Clay and Audrey get into yet another fight. Clay asks Audrey why she always follows him around, and she replies that she is only interested in guys with an IQ above 3. Clay says she has halitosis, to which Audrey replies he can’t even spell halitosis. When challenged, he ignores her.

Jeff asks Liz for a cuddle session, to which Liz calls him a ho for cuddling with everyone. Jeff says she’s acting weird, and she need to stop “dating” Clay, because she is suppose to be dating him. Jeff asks her why she can’t trust him, and she says it’s because he has a big mouth. Jeff calls out the twin thing, saying he knows it’s true. She continues to deny it.

Austin decides to go on a mission to make sure Jeff doesn’t get any votes, and tells James and Meg that Jeff is campaigning hard, and claims to have the votes to stay.

Liz tells Austin about the argument with Jeff, Austin gets pretty upset. Audrey, who originally came in the room to find out who’s baked potato was on the counter, gets Austin to reveal all his information at the moment. Austin says Jeff is done.

Audrey tells Jason she’s voting out Jeff and wants to make amends with Jason. He says he has no grudge.

Vanessa convinces the DR to give them alcohol in exchange for having a date night.

Jackie tells Jeff about Austin going around mad, Jeff calls him the biggest sketch ball.

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