Big Brother 2015 Live Feed Highlights 07/16/2015 (Gronkoski Takeover Spoilers, Vanessa/Austin Drama)

Big Brother – Da’Vonne’s Sass-o-Meter

Da’Vonne’s best BB17 one-liners are put to the test with the Sass-o-Meter. Watch Big Brother Sundays and Wednesdays at 8/7c, and Thursdays at 9/8c! Only CBS

Big Brother – Out Of Left Field

As the Houseguests gather for the Veto meeting, another Gronk party interrupts them.

Big Brother – Party Time All The Time

The Houseguests struggle to keep up as the Gronkowski Takeover continues with a series of inconvenient parties.

Big Brother – Gronk And Roll

The Houseguests play “Gronk And Roll” for a chance at the Power Of Veto.

Big Brother – Don’t You Dare

Vanessa convinces Austin to throw Jeff under the bus by confronting him about the inconsistencies in the things he has said.

Big Brother – Memory Lapse

Vanessa becomes suspicious of Austin when he loses the Veto competition.

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