Tommy Dreamer Talks About Paul Heyman, Who He’d Sign First with a National TV Deal



Tommy Dreamer recently spoke with, here are the highlights…

On TV Deals
We have a deal in place with FIGHT NETWORK (in Canada) and ROKU which is worldwide. I have turned down 3 national tv deals (because it wasn’t the right time). You have to walk before you can crawl but we have some major announcements coming soon.

On Who He’d Sign First with a National TV Deal
The first thing I would do with a national TV deal is sign the YOUNG BUCKS because they are just so good

On the Best Promo Today
Paul Heyman of course, John Cena gets put in so many position where anyone else would fail and he blows it out of the water, I have been a John Cena supporter since day 1. I would throw a Kevin Steen in there, and a lot of people will knock TNA but Ethan Carter III is an amazing example of a character that TNA has built up the right way. His character, his promos are on point. He can be the “Rick Rude” of this era. He can be a huge star, a huger star for the business and for TNA and help both grow.

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