Huge Batch Of Videos – Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights



Big Brother – Shay vs. Audlli – Live Feeds Highlight

The Houseguests give each other couple nicknames and try to pick their favorite.

Big Brother – Dinner For Two – Live Feeds Highlight

Austin gets romantic and sets up an intimate dinner with Liz in the HoH room.

Big Brother – Fraudrey – Live Feeds Highlight

James makes a fake “Audrey” using her favorite beanie and glasses.

Big Brother – Musical Realness – Live Feeds Highlight

Is it real? This musical that Shelli, Meg Jason and Audrey are putting together seems to be!

Big Brother – Clay The Clipper – Live Feeds Highlight

Clay, the cowboy and football star, can now add barber to his resume.

Big Brother – Sneak Attack! – Live Feeds Highlight

There’s no sleeping allowed when James is around!

Big Brother – Well Armed – Live Feed Highlight

Becky, Shelli, and Meg talk about their favorite male body parts.

Big Brother – Play Fight – Live Feeds Highlight

Are James and Jackie having a playful fight, or should we call this flirting?

Big Brother – Sh*ts ‘N Giggles – Live Feed Highlight

Shelli’s got a case of the giggles and it appears to be contagious.

Big Brother – The Art Of Juggling – Live Feed Highlight

Big Brother – Evil Steve- Live Feed Highlight

Austin’s top hat seems to have turned Steve into Mr. Hyde.

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