Ryback Opens Up About Disappointment Surrounding First Push, WWE World Heavyweight Title

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Ryback spoke with STL Today before his injury was announced about his career and his first push

On “regrouping” after his first push
I felt we had lightning in a bottle very early on, and we let that go. And I had to take a few steps back and regroup, and I’ve come back at this thing with a whole new game plan. This is the first time I’ve had some really, really good momentum on my side.

On merging his real and fictional selves with the Ryback character
The intensity and the anger, that is all who I am, but there’s so much more than that. It just takes time to let people in, because if you let them in too soon, they might not understand it, but then over time, it just has a much better feel and pace to it, and it has been much better received that way.

On working to improve and make it to the WWE World Heavyweight Title
It’s watching one more match when I’m home every day than I was doing before. Instead of doing 100 burpees for my conditioning, I do 125 or 150. So it’s just making small improvements upon everything that I was already doing, and I’m already seeing the difference of that.


Source: stltoday.com