Vince Russo Blasts Seth Rollins, Current Generation Wrestlers


In his latest blog, Vince Russo puts Seth Rollins on blast, Russoplaining why wrestlers these days need to get off his lawn.


Seth Rollins Owes Everyone Who Ever Laced Up A Pair Of Boots An Apology


” In the ring, we move so fast. We take so many more bumps than those guys did, and we do so much more high-risk stuff. We’re athletes now. We’re not cartoon characters.”

– Seth Rollins to Men’s Journal

I can’t even imagine the backlash, or ramifications there would have  been if Vince Russo had made that asinine comment as it pertains to wrestlers “then” and wrestlers “now”. What would my punishment have been? How many people in the wrestling industry would I have had heat with? I just found out two days ago that I still have 1999 heat with Jim Duggan, because I put him in a storyline where my character  appointed him the WCW janitor in order to tarnish his good name–however, as I just stated—that was aSTORYLINE. In REAL LIFE Seth Rollins just discredited anyone who ever laced up a pair of boots by saying that they weren’t athletes—and that’s OK?!!!

And, it’s simple why Seth’s comment were accepted and not totally ripped to Kingdom Come—because that’s what the Internet Wrestling wants from wrestling today–“high-risk guys” and not “cartoon characters”–, and since they are the smallest minority with the loudest voice controlling the wrestling business these days—they are going to celebrate Seth’s “brave” statement. Meanwhile, if those who were SUPPOSED to be controlling the wrestling business today were actually doing their jobs, they would be going out and hunting  down the 5 million casual fans who NO LONGER watch professional wrestling, who would tell them what THEY WANT is VERY different.

You know, I don’t know Seth Rollins personally, and I obviously have nothing against him, but if the WWE didn’t illegally control their “Independent Contractors” and they actually allowed someone who knows something about wrestling to interview their talent, I would just love to ask Seth to show me the proof where the high-flying trapeze act—that guys like him have turned the wrestling business into— has proven successful? It certainly isn’t in the numbers of the people who watch wrestling today. And, when you add to that the number of injuries sustain by guys who have attempted dangerous, frivolous and meaningless moves from the top rope to a concrete floor,  I am just asking—WHERE’S THE FREAKIN’ PAYOFF?  Outside of nimrods chanting “That was awesome” over fake moves in a fake fight, what was really achieved by almost breaking your own neck and cutting your career short?

But, truthfully, it wasn’t even that part of Seth’s comment that ignited my trigger—regardless of how insanely stupid it was—it’s the shot at all those before him who made it even possible for him to become a spot-monkey in the wrestling business. In my 20+ years in wrestling, I can honestly say that I never worked with a PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER who wasn’t a great athlete. No matter who was lacing up those boots, those guys and gals were all blue-chippers, dedicating their lives to both the ring and the gym, in an effort to be the very best in a profession they loved. And to say that they weren’t “athletes”, but rather “cartoon characters”? I would love to hear what a Scott Steiner, or an Undertaker, or a late Randy Savage would have to say about that. What about a Shawn Michaels, or a “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. What about Seth’s mentor—HUNTER HEARST HELMSLEY—that’s a cartoony name if I ever heard one. If I ever referred to any professional wrestler as a “cartoon character” rather than an “athlete”, I would expect to get a full-fist shoved down my throat. But, the difference is—I would never say it. Not only because it’s not true, but also because I have RESPECT for all those who made it possible for me to support my family. All those “cartoon character” lame bumps were taken to benefit ME and I understand that. Today those high-flying, suicidal “spots” are just hurting people—they certainly aren’t putting people in front of their TV, computer, tablet, or iPhone on Monday nights.

But here’s the sad thing–the majority of those within the business who feel the exact same way I do with every word I put on this page—won’t say a word about it. Why? Because Seth Rollins is the WWE Champion and nobody wants to get heat with the WWE. And that, my friends, is why the business is in the state that it is today. You have a slew of young, entitled athletes who can say whatever they want, whenever they want—with no ramifications whatsoever. Can you imagine if Seth Rollins was around during the days of the Four Horsemen, or Animal and Hawk, and they caught wind of what “that kid” said? Rollins would have caught a beating that he would have never forgotten which in turn would have taught him honor and respect—two words that just don’t seem to matter today in professional wrestling’s Generation ME era.


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