Big Brother 17 Episode 12 Recap & Spoilers 07.19.2015

Big Brother 17 Episode 12 just wrapped up! Here’s a recap of everything that went down, and what we think you should expect to come:

WARNING: Spoilers below (duh).

The episode started off following Thursday’s HOH competition. Liz and Shelli have both just won HOH, putting the sixth sense alliance in power for the third week in a row. Audrey is happy with the results of the competition, and is amazed at the comeback she’s had. Jackie says she feels alone now that Jeff has left.

Austin goes to congratulate Liz, and also express worry about the four votes for Jeff to stay. Austin thinks they were Becky and Audrey, while they were actually Liz and Steve. Liz says in the DR she just didn’t feel a connection to James, and will be keeping her vote a secret.

As Audrey and Jason are discussing the results of the HOH comp, Jason mentions the twins, marking the first occasion Audrey had ever heard about the twist.

Clay congratulates Shelli and tells her he think the extra vote was Steve or Becky, implying he may think one was Audrey.

HOH room reveal happens. John is suspicious of the photo of Liz used for the HOH, as it is from before her front teeth grew, meaning he can’t confirm his tooth theory. Once Liz begins reading her letter, John notices how generic the letter feels, and could be aimed at anyone really.

The sixth sense meet for the first time to discuss nominees, and have no idea what to do. Liz discusses putting up Jackie as she’s never really talked to her.

Austin tells Jackie that Liz plans on putting her up, and how he trusts her. Austin wants to gain trust in Jackie as she is now a free agent.

Jackie relates her conversation with Austin to Liz, making Liz suspicious of Austin.

The sixth sense meet again. Liz says she’s probably targeting Becky or Jackie, and Shelli wants to target Jason or Audrey as a backup. The alliance tells her she’ll need a pawn, and recommend asking John to throw the comp again. She refuses to ask him herself, and Clay does it for her. John agrees.

Liz nominates James and Jackie for eviction. Shelli nominates Jason and John for eviction.

Jackie goes up to the HOH room to discuss her nomination with Liz. Liz assures her she’s not the target, but Liz continues to pry for information, upsetting Liz.

Jason tells Shelli he never said he was going after her and Clay, and Shelli reveals she heard it from Audrey.

Audrey realizes she may be responsible for Jason’s nomination, and goes to Shelli to see if it is the reason. Shelli tells her that he was nominated because of what she said, and she tries to backtrack on her comments. Shelli tells her to not even try, and says in the DR it may be Audrey’s time to go.

James and Jackie win the Battle of the Block, dethroning Liz, making Shelli this weeks HOH, with this weeks nominees being Jason and John.

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