JR Blog: WWE Battleground 2015 PPV Predictions, Bold Undertaker/Sting Preview, Match Projections For Cena/Owens, Rollins/Brock

Jim Ross checked in with a pre-Battleground 2015 blog, here are some of his predictions:

on Undertaker and Sting Rumors
WWE broadcasts Battleground this Sunday from St. Louis that has found new fan interest since the rumors that both the Undertaker and Sting may both be making appearances Sunday night setting up something for each of them, not likely against each other, for Summer Slam. WWE needs to make a financial impact in August utilizing Summer Slam plus, one would assume, another Steve Austin podcast on August 3 but I’ve heard nothing about the latter whatsoever.

on whether WWE should put them on PPV or save for Raw
There is no reason for WWE to ‘save’ Taker and/or Sting for Monday night when they can easily creatively position both on the PPV Sunday leaving the air with more questions posed than answers provided that would drive viewers to the Monday night flagship broadcast. Sting still has a massive fan following as his two appearances on my podcast garnered over 3M+ downloads combined for the two shows.

on Seth Rollins
I do not feel that it is time for Seth Rollins to lose the WWE Title and in my mind, as I’ve discussed on my podcast, I’d have Rollins hold the title until Wrestlemania Texas in April in Arlington, Texas where Brock Lesnar would beat him after Lesnar wins the Royal Rumble in January. That’s one school of thought but that scenario could be efficiently changed if decided early and worked toward whatever plan is chosen with strategic, long term planning.

on John Cena vs. Kevin Owens
John Cena will likely retain the US Title unless WWE is really going to be bold and do all they can to make Kevin Owens a ‘made man’ which would not hurt Cena one iota. I can also see the underutilized Cesaro playing into this equation Sunday night. Cesaro is as I’ve expressed here before a main event level talent who could be the WWE World Champion as easy as anyone on the roster….he’s that good.

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