Big Brother 17 Live Feed Spoilers: Daily Recap 07.19.2015

Yesterday was possibly the most entertaining day of the live feeds so far this summer. Here’s a recap of everything important that went down from 8:00 AM BBT on July 19th, all the way through 8:00 AM July 20th.

WARNING: Spoilers below (duh).

The day started off with a fight between Audrey and some of her fellow houseguests. Shelli tells Audrey that she doesn’t trust them (the sixth sense), and she says she has a right to not trust them. Vanessa calls her a liar, and they go at it. Audrey claims that Vanessa and Steve are secretly manipulating the game, which she denies. Audrey says regardless Vanessa is a manipulator, with planning all week last week to get Jeff out but acting like it was a last minute decision. Audrey mentions their final 2 deal, which Vanessa immediately denies, however did happen.

Clay begins screaming at Audrey: “Your word means sh*t in this game”. He claims she’s not loyal to them at all. Audrey tells him he’s wrong and will look stupid once he gets out of the house.

Audrey, realizing she is now definitely going up and probably leaving, decides to blow up the sixth sense. Audrey tells James that there is an alliance between Austin, Vanessa, Liz, Shelli, and Clay, with involvement from herself. James doesn’t understand, Audrey tells him John is throwing comps for them. Audrey says maybe they can flip the house of the five of them.

Audrey tells Jackie about the alliance. While doing so, James runs to Clay to see if it’s true.

After Audrey finishes talking to Jackie, Vanessa comes in and tells her Audrey has no credibility in the game anymore, and that she should just stay out of it.

Meg and Clay tells James Audrey is lying.

Vanessa makes a deal with Jason to use the POV on him.

Becky and Meg are both convinced this is standard Audrey lies, and aren’t buying it. Clay wants to have a house meeting without Audrey.

House meeting without Audrey happens. Shelli says Audrey is ruining the game and must go, and wants everyone to agree to vote her out. Clay says Audrey is just trying to stir the house, and that Big Brother is “about having fun and making memories” (which better have not been a real feeling of his).

Audrey is in the DR for a number of hours, causing speculation that she has walked. She return eventually, going straight to bed, but it’s clear someone talked her out of leaving.

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