Randy Orton Talks About WWE Lockerroom, Opinion of Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor

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St. Louis Baseball Weekly recently spoke to WWE Superstar Randy Orton, who discussed touring the St. Louis Cardinals training facility, his thoughts on Seth Rollins, and other up and coming Superstars. Below are some highlights.

Orton on the Cardinals’ training facility
I’ve seen so many locker rooms, so many arenas, but ballparks–not so much. Their training facility was amazing. The rehab stuff they had was great.

Orton on the WWE locker room being a band of brothers similar to baseball
Adams was telling me about his quad and how far out he is, how he’ll be able to swing in a couple of weeks. As an athlete, you kind of do what you’ve got to do–you ice it, you do therapy, you see the doc and do what the doc says. You’ve got that hunger inside to come back so you know you’re eventually going to get back there. To see Matt Adams here, injured and on the DL but with all the boys here for support, here to be part of the team, one of the guys–it reminded me of how the WWE locker room is. It’s a band of brothers. Everyone kind of has each other’s back and you could feel that in there and it’s a good feeling.

Orton on his mother attending Battleground event
I think she’s been to a live event once and she’s been at WrestleMania a time or two, but that’s not many appearances for my mother over the course of a 15-year career. She’s promised me she’s going to try and embarrass me and scream her lungs out, so listen for my mother sitting in the front row.

Orton on Seth Rollins and other guys coming up in WWE
It’s not really fair to say Seth Rollins since I just came out of a program with him. All that aside, from just a business standpoint and just speaking truth, I think he’s the absolute best guy who’s come up in a long time. I know that I can have a really good match with him and it’s entertaining–he’s a fun guy for me to beat up, that’s all I can say. There are a couple guys coming up. Finn Balor, I know he’s going to make his debut soon. Kevin Owens, he seems like he would be fun to work with. There’s a lot of these new guys and I think really any one of them, take your pick. Neville–he’s tiny but he does all these flips. I could pluck him out of the air with an RKO I’m sure just easily, that would be nice. All these new guys, take your pick. I think any of them would be cool to work with.

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Source: stlbaseballweekly.com