Pull List Roundtable 7/22/2015 – Cyborg #1, Book of Death Fall of Bloodshot #1, Secret Wars & More (Spoilers)

Pull List

John Babos

  • Aquaman #42 – Another Cullen Bunn written book on my pull list. Loved Trevor McCarthy in Gates of Gotham and am intrigued by his different visual take on Aquaman. Plus, Tempest is coming!

  • Book of Death Fall of Bloodshot #1 – Intrigued by this “Fall”.

  • Cyborg #1 – At long last Vic Stone headlines his first ongoing series. I’ll sample it and hope it rocks.

  • Deathstroke #8 – Deathstroke + big godkiller sword = win.

  • Flash #42 – Zoom has debuted!

  • Ivar Timewalker #7 – Really am enjoying this title.

  • Sinestro #13 – Sinestro just forcibly made his rebellious daughter a yellow lantern from green. Hmmm, will she be happy?

  • Teen Titans #10 – A fun monthly romp with Manchester Black too. Sad to see Kenneth Rocafort leave the book for Marvel’s Ultimates.

  • Wonder Woman #42 – I’m curious about the ongoing subplot involving “anti-heroine” Donna Troy.

Mike Maillaro

  • I have a lot coming out this week, but not a lot jumping out at me in terms of exciting books to talk about.

  • CYBORG #1 – I really enjoyed the preview for this one. I don’t know David Walker’s work all that much. He writes SHAFT for Dynamite, which is supposed to be real good. I like that Cyborg is getting a lot more exposure lately, and I hope DC puts some muscle behind getting the word out on this one.

  • PREZ #2 – First issue really exceeded all my high expectations. I ended up going back and reading the original PREZ from the 70’s…it doesn’t quite hold up, but it was entertaining enough. The new series is far better though it could stand to move a little faster.

  • BOOK OF DEATH – FALL OF BLOODSHOT #1 – BOOK OF DEATH #1 was so good. I am a little worried about this issue derailing the storyline going on in BLOODSHOT REBORN, but I am confident Valiant will manage to make it all work.

  • BLACKLIST #1 – I already talked about this book and my love of James Spader last week. Hopefully it will actually come out this time!

  • UNCANNY X-MEN #35 – Okay, you really can’t allow one of your flagship title to fall this far behind. I assume that the last two issues of UNCANNY explain how Cyclops ended up with the Phoenix Force…but at this point, he’s already proved himself to be rather pathetic with it and easily killed by Doom. You might have the new status quo before this run is finished. I have enjoyed Bendis’s work on X-Men, but there is no excuse for this.

  • SECRET WARS – Even the SECRET WARS books coming out this week aren’t all that inspiring. Looking forward to WEIRDWORLD #2, E IS FOR EXTINCTION #2, and FUTURE IMPERFECT #3. Not much else.

James Fulton

  • Effigy #7 – I’ve really liked Effigy, and while the story is nowhere near finished, this is the last issue that’s been solicited through October, so things aren’t looking good for it. For this issue, though, writer Tim Seeley is being joined by his Revival artist, Mike Norton, and we are getting the story behind the character who is basically L. Ron Hubbard; a science fiction writer who founded his own religion. Should be awesome…

  • Ivar, Timewalker #7 – I’m always happy to get a new issue of my favourite Valiant title.

  • Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses #6 – Pound for pound, no other comic on the stands (except perhaps Providence) packs as much story into a single issue as David Lapham does in this series. Each issue stands alone, but is a piece of a larger, kind of twisted and sad, puzzle.

  • Uncanny X-Men #35 – I think it’s time to admit, I miss the X-Men. I’m skipping all the X-Secret Wars books, but feel the need for a mutant fix. Even though I haven’t loved Brian Michael Bendis’s work with these characters, I’m going to be happy to read this.

  • Wolf #1 – Ales Kot has been all over the place lately, quality-wise, yet I still find myself drawn to his comics and ideas. My hope is that Wolf, which I think is going to be an ongoing, is going to be as good as the first two-thirds of Zero were, but will also stick the landing when the time comes. Kot is an interesting writer, and no one can say he doesn’t have original ideas.

Paul Miranda

    Riverdale’s residents have just been redesigned and relaunched. Let’s focus on the more absurd because, why not?? The third installment in the cult fave sleeper hit gets its first comic book appearance!! Speaking of the gang…

  • ARCHIE vs. PREDATOR #4 (of 4)
    Blood and guts are balanced with laughter and pure silliness. The conclusion should prove to be solid.

  • CYBORG #1
    DC You finally brings to the forefront what’s been teased at, hinted at, promised, etc. since the New 52. Vic Stone made his mark in the Teen Titans 35 years ago!!! What the heck? Three and a half decades already?? David Walker is serious about bringing someone relevant to this current age who is just a young man wanting to be accepted and loved in a world he didn’t make.

    I viewed the animated feature before its official release. Oops! Did I say that out loud?? It was far superior to what I was expecting. Bruce Timm has come back with a renewed fire!

  • AQUAMAN #42
    Arthur is a fugitive! Mera is still pissed!! What wrong is there in having another Atlantis??

    I want to see Diana kick Slade from here til next Tuesday!! Tony Daniel, even though ‘Stroke is the star of this book there’s no way he can beat WW even if he has the Godkiller sword wink emoticon

  • FLASH #42
    Zoom: Barry’s father or not? Is Henry being controlled by this new dark speedster? The Rogues will keep hectic for the Scarlet Speedster.


  • GRAYSON #10
    Dick definitely has sex appeal. The writers are having a ball teasing the hardcore fans. Will Agent 37 bust more moves and sweep another woman off her feet? Who is striking the various spy agencies’ operatives?? WHO???


    Graphic India is producing another number one, making it the third this month. Stan “The Man” has his name on this but he’s not the writer. After last week’s enjoyable MISTRY, P.I. #1, Ashwin Pande, the author of that title and this one, will bring a fun and heartwarming tale

    IDW makes this the fourth of four public domain purchases. An anthology abundant in all the fan faves! Goofy! Pluto! Phantom Blot! Minnie, and more!!

    Marvel’s newest and cutest power couple?? We already know that come October this is definitely not the case. Why can’t any fictional lovebirds live happily ever after??

  • E is for EXTINCTION #2
  • MAGNETO #20
  • PUNISHER #20
    Frank Castle goes into the blazing sun once more. The God of Mischief and the Master of Magnetism are on the verge of cancellation with their penultimate issues. Elsa (not from Frozen) kicks lots more butt. Ross vs. Banner, round two! The X-Men fight for survival. What else is new?? Old Man Logan will make it into the mainstream MU. What horrors does Apocalypse have in store for him? Arkon was pretty much broken but he will persevere!! Plus, the rumour is that this title will make it to ANADM.

    2 Hawkeyes = witty banter + one-up(wo)manship!! What secrets lie with the children they rescued. How will Swordsman shape Clint and Barney’s destinies?? Jess goes on a road trip with Ben Urich and Porcupine?!? *guffaw* I thought this was a super-hero book ;-P

    Originally the farthest thing from my radar but colour me intrigued!! After last week’s release of the main mini-series, this will be the second Valiant book I have ever read!! It’s a great time to start since this is free from continuity. I think…


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