Ant-Man Spoilers: Ant-Man Mid-Credits First Look At Wasp Costume Scenes & Post Credits Captain America Civil War Scenes Easter Eggs Visuals Leaked

We reported a few days ago the mid-credits and post-credits scenes for Marvel’s Ant-Man movie. We described the scenes for you.

Ant-Man movie poster logo icon

Now, the visuals to go with that narrative have been leaked through several websites and social media sources.

So, spoilers follows.

The first of the easter eggs is the mid-credits spoilers where Hank Pym takes his daughter Hope Pym to the Wasp costume Hank and her mother, Janet Van Dyne, had worked in. Hank suggests Hope help him complete it for her to use.

Ant-Man mid-credits scenes Wasp costume Hope Pym Easter Eggs

The second and final of the easter eggs is the Captain America Civil War set-up scene with Falcon and Captain America having discovered Bucky Barnes / the Winter Soldier with his arm stuck in some some kind of doomsday vice device. Captain America doesn’t want to seek Iron Man’s help, but Falcon thinks he knows some one who can help. It’s implied that he’s referring to Ant-Man who kicked his but in the actual Ant-Man film.

Ant-Man post-credits scenes w Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier Captain America Civil War Easter Eggs

An awesome movie.

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