Big Brother 17 Episode 13 Recap & Spoilers 07.22.2015

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Big Brother 17 Episode 13 just wrapped up! Here’s a recap of everything that went down, and what we think you should expect to come:

WARNING: Spoilers below (duh).

The episode started off following the Battle of the Block competition. Jackie and James have just won the Battle of the Block, making Shelli HOH and John and Jason the replacement nominees.

Shelli tells the DR that she’s already considering changing her mind about getting out Jason.

Audrey tells James how she is mad at Shelli for throwing her under the bus, and how she has been loyal to her and would have remained loyal, and now the two of them (Shelli and Clay) will end up going home next week. She tells James he should put them up if he gets HOH.

James tells Shelli and Clay about his conversation with Audrey, and how she told him to target them.

Audrey and Clay have a conversation. Audrey is upset still, and asked why she was thrown under the bus and how she wasn’t expecting it. Audrey says she is worried about being the replacement nominee, and asks Clay to swear she won’t be, but he won’t.

Shelli, Clay, and Vanessa all discuss Audrey. Shelli admits feeling bad about throwing her under the bus, but realizes she may have to nominate her regardless.

Vanessa, Meg, and James are selected to participate in the veto alongside Jason, John, and Shelli.

Shelli asks Meg who she’d wan’t up if the veto was used on Jason, and she says Audrey. Shelli says Audrey is making her sick, and Vanessa says everyone feels that way. Shelli is upset because she says she’s been loyal to Audrey.

James, after discussing putting up Audrey, goes downstairs and tells Audrey they didn’t discuss nominees. Audrey says she really isn’t worried about being nominated.

Shelli has a bit of a breakdown about putting Audrey up, Clay consoles her.

Vanessa wins the Power of Veto.

Audrey interrupts a casual conversation between Clay and Austin to talk game, and complains how she has nobody to play the game with. Clay and Audrey go back and forth, but eventually get into an argument over wether Audrey told Clay to swear on his life that she wouldn’t be nominated.

Clay leaves and complains about Audrey to Vanessa and Shelli, Audrey follows him up.

Audrey, Clay and Shelli get into a fight about loyalty, and then Audrey fights with Vanessa for seemingly no good reason, calling her a master manipulator.

Audrey has a breakdown – this is the point where she went to the DR for 5 hours earlier this week – and decides to skip the veto ceremony.

Vanessa uses the veto on Jason. Shelli nominates Audrey in his place. Either John or Audrey will be evicted.

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