Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights (Wack Street Boys, Audrey Bails on Veto Meeting, “Saved by the Smell”)


Big Brother – Handy Skills – Live Feeds Highlight

Clay impresses Shelli with his amazing juggling skills.

Big Brother – OMG Meg! – Live Feeds Highlight

Becky’s Meg impersonation is missing some red lipstick and bangs.

Big Brother – Thumb Wars – Live Feeds Highlight

Liz and Austin can’t seem to keep their thumbs to themselves.

Big Brother – Chow Mein Sandwich Ew! – Live Feeds Highlight

The Houseguests are grossed out by Jason’s strange craving.

Big Brother – Selfie Fail – Live Feeds Highlight

Clay and Shelli need a better photographer… or a selfie stick?

Big Brother – The Wack Street Boys

As part of a 90’s twist, Jason, Liz and John must perform at the drop of a hat.

Big Brother – What A Mistake You’ve Made

Vanessa chimes in when Shelli mediates a fight between Audrey and Clay.

Big Brother – Swear On Your Life

Audrey becomes paranoid of the other Houseguests when Clay refuses to promise her that Shelli will not put her on the block.

Big Brother – Always Be Worried

Shelli feels guilty when she contemplates putting Audrey up as a replacement nominee.

Big Brother – Name A Nominee

Audrey decides not to participate in the veto meeting.

Big Brother – Saved By The Smell

The Houseguests play “Saved By The Smell” for the Power Of Veto.

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