Blu-ray Review: The Godsend/The Outing


Nearly two years ago Scream Factory scared people in bulk with the four title All Night Horror Marathon release. Now fans can get half of those films with major resolution upgrades with the Blu-ray double feature of The Godsend/The Outing. While it might not last the complete night, you’ll be up until dawn worrying about what evil can come from the promise of having a wish fulfilled.

The Godsend (1981 – 93 minutes) reminds us of the bad things that can happen when you allow a pregnant stranger into your house. Alan (The Campbells‘ Malcolm Stoddard) and Kate Marlowe (Manhunt‘s Cyd Hayman) do the charitable thing of letting Angela Pleasence (Donald’s daughter) stay in their guest room. After the baby pops out, mom goes missing. The Marlowe’s adopt the baby which sounds like the right thing to do. Except this baby is pure evil. We’re not talking normal evil baby things like puking and pooping. This baby has homicidal intent. She (Wilhelmina Green) is intent on being an only child by eliminating the Marlowe’s biological children. The parents begin to notice this child’s selfish behavior. But people think they’re nuts. Can they stop the rampage before they’re down to paying for only one child in daycare? Why is this child doing such horrible things? Who is the real father of the baby? The child’s long bleach blond hair suggests the reveal on Paternity Court could involve Ric Flair. If you are a pregnant woman, you might want to hold off watching this film until your child leaves to finish up their post-doctoral research. This is more child raising stress than The Omen.

The Outing (1982 – 87 minutes) proves that not every genie that comes out of a lamp is Robin Williams. A dead woman’s prized ancient lamp is sent to the museum. They want to figure out its significance. This is what people did before Rick on Pawn Stars would call up a buddy. Turns out a bunch of pesky kids are getting a field trip to the museum. One of the kids rubs the lamp and releases the genii. This isn’t a charming magical creature that wants to grant wishes. He kills museum personal and make the kids hide in the basement to do his bidding at night. Think of this as The Really Messed Up Night In the Museum. The biggest piece of educational advice from this field trip is to not rub ancient artifacts. The cast is wearing the finest of ’80s fashions and hairdos which is good for a laugh between the scares. This is a different cut than the one from the Marathon. Not to give too much away, but there’s a whole new opening.

Both movies remind us why we can’t have nice things in our lives. Whether it be a strange woman ready to pop out and abandon a baby in your home or a genie with those tempting wishes, nothing arrives without consequences. Everything has a price and the more “free” it seems, the bigger the catch. Both films hit home with that theme. Why would anyone expect the grandchild of Donald Pleasence to be a dream child? And how could you not expect a genie to be up to no good if doesn’t have cool ’80s theme music? Learn from their wishful mistakes.

The video is 1.78:1 anamorphic for both films. This is an upgrade for both films from the previous DVD set. The audio is DTS-MA Mono for both films. The levels are fine. Both films are subtitled.

Theatrical Trailer (1:55) reminds us why you shouldn’t let pregnant women in your house.

The Godsend/The Outing is fun double feature about why you shouldn’t wish for anything.

Scream Factory presents The Godsend/The Outing. Directed by: Tom Daley & Gabrielle Beaumont. Starring: James Huston, Deborah Winters, Malcolm Stoddard, Angela Pleasence. Rated: R. Boxset Contents: 2 movies on 1 Blu-ray. Released: July 14, 2015.

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