Why You Should be Reading… Boom Studios’ Deep State!

Grainbelt Jones back again, this time to put on his tin foil hat while hiding in the closet, bringing you yet another addition of  WHY YOU SHOULD BE READING…


This is a week of question, a week of conspiracy, and we have a real treat of a read we are uncovering this addition. Being honest, there is a bit of frustration on my hands in regards to Boom Studio’s,after the last couple weeks events(we won’t go into that here)  I do have reservations about a particular comic series that made its debut 3 weeks ago. However I cannot deny there are some sweet comics being published under The Boom Studio’s banner, so I have continued to support the company. Now I am a sucker for conspiracy, if I didn’t have a good head on my shoulders, I could very well be inside a bunker, wearing a tin foil hat to stop aliens from reading my thoughts, or refusing to go the doctor for fear of having a microchip implanted into my body. Being honest I do sometimes cover cameras on my electronic devices (I do feel we are being watched by our government) but I’m not super serious about it. I also happen to be a bit analytical and I do have a knack for thinking out of the box, also coming at things from a different angle. I also in addition pay attention to detail, sometimes having good common sense paired with focusing on the fine print so to speak, you can figure out all the answers or a least give yourself a good lead on where to find the answers you seek. Even with all the intuitions possible there is one thing that is un deniable, and that is (at least it should be) truth.

deepstate banner

“I’m not here to arrest you. I’m not even here to kill you. What happens next Lee, is up to you. You can walk out that door and never see me again. Or you can sit down and listen to what I have to say.”

If you are reading this you chose to stick around… You made the right decision. This week we are diving into Deep State a conspiracy theorists dream, we follow an agents by the names of John Harrow, to put it simply he does not exist, his mission, to make sure questionable things that could disturb the public does not exist either, and to do so he has an Agency in his corner to ensure he success.

“My job is to make sure that the secrets stay secret. I make sure that conspiracy theories stay theories. I handle problems and I create plausible deniability.” – John Harrow


In order to help him on his crusade against the truth, the agency has supplied harrow with a new team mate but the name of Ms. Branch, not only are we following Harrow as he continues his missions, we see how he effectively trains Ms. Branch in the field. This whole series is a puzzle, and each individual issue is a piece to that puzzle. We dive through many of the mysteries that have racked the brains of theorists for generations, including taking a stroll through, and adding a new take on the JFK assassination, along with various other questionable courses of history. The thing I find most intriguing is the dialog, this series does an excellent job of taking you along on the ride of deniability, and you find yourself looking for many clues, I for one have thoroughly combed each issue and if you take that time you can find many Easter eggs hidden through out. The fact the writer Justin Jordan took the time making this something to fully engulf yourself in, is something really special, and as a person who loves this kind of thing it was easy to see detail is necessary and well executed with the comic series.


Questions, a lot of questions will be raised once you fully invest into this series, some that you must be patient to find out answers for, who is Ms Branch, who really is John Harrow? Just to name a few. As you continue on your brain is given a lot of things to analyze, and to give Justin Jordan even more credit, the content of these issues are immensely thick, at each cliff hanger you find yourself extremely irritated in having to wait a month until the next issue, but honestly that is part of the fun. This allows you to double back re read and ponder what could actually happen in the coming weeks, personally for me there are very few comics out now that I seriously ponder what may be happening in the future beyond a few days after an issue once it’s release. Of course once I finish a book that runs through my mind, but to stay in my mind through out the course of a whole month has beginning to be something special with Deep State, and I imagine that will only intensify as we continue with the series.


Imagine you know all the secretes, you have an vast array of knowledge as into what is really going on, and in most cases you are the person en trusted to stop it. You can be attacked at any moment and when big time players and the government is involved anything, and “anyone” can be used as a weapon to kill you, that is the nature that Harrow, and Ms. Branch must survive in, along with learning and hoping they can trust each other, add an agency that is most concerned with the completion of the mission, and the continued lack of knowledge for the human race, and you got yourself an extremely combustible situation. Close your blinds, unplug your phones, and strap on your tins hats, make sure you are not being watched as dive into a life of questions and false truths, if you are person who wants answers, be prepared for things to not be as they seem. Join in, to uncover Why You Should Be Reading Deep State…

– Grainbelt Jones

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