Dana White Discusses Texas Stadium As Possible Venue For Conor McGregor vs. Jose Aldo


UFC President Dana White discussed UFC 189 and discussed the issue of re-scheduling Conor McGregor vs. Jose Aldo at Cowboys Stadium, Ronda Rousey, and More.

White on talk of looking at McGregor vs. Aldo at AT&T Stadium
It is true; we are looking at (AT&T Stadium) right now. (Andrea) Bocelli is playing at (MGM Grand Garden Arena). The Conor McGregor fight that we had here, the fight we were talking about, had a $200 million impact on the city of Las Vegas. That’s before gaming. Before people take one dollar out of their pocket to gamble, we had a $200 million impact. I think Bocelli is going to have about a $2 impact on the city, but we’re probably going to be going to (AT&T) Stadium.

On what would happen if someone pulled out of the fight in AT&T stadium
Obviously if either one of them pulled out of that fight, it would be devastating to be in (AT&T) Stadium, but I believe that he will show up for this fight. There’s a lot of money at stake for him in this fight, too. He wants to show up and he wants to fight.

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Source: Sportsnet Canada Tim and Sid Show