King Barrett Talks About Nexus, Being WWE King of the Ring


In a new interview, Wade Barrett talked about some of the career highlights in WWE thusfar.

Q. You’ve come a long way since being the leader of Nexus (a stable of up and coming wrestlers) in 2010. Now that you’re the King of the Ring, what’s your next target?

King Barrett: I’ve always said I wanted to be the WWE World Heavyweight champion so that’s my ultimate goal. My biggest focus right now is to enjoy my wrestling, enjoy as much as I can being a WWE superstar. It doesn’t last forever and be it through injury or retirement or getting fired, one day it’s going to end so at the moment, I’m really trying to enjoy it as much as I can. I’m enjoying the experience and coming to great places like Singapore. It’s my first trip here. I’m going to check out Orchard Road and some malls.

Q. How difficult is it to get your King of the Ring gimmick to work for you? It worked very well for previous winners such as Booker T but not for others like William Regal.

It depends on the opportunities afforded to me by our writing team. So far, I feel I haven’t been the focus of the show but hopefully, that’s going to change in the next few weeks or months. Hopefully, I get some solid storylines so that I can show what I can do.