SDCC 2015: Hasbro’s Entertainment Brand Preview Press Breakfast With Interview & Gallery Featuring Transformers, Marvel & More

Hasbro kicked off SDCC2015 early with a special Brand Preview Breakfast! The toys were hot and the sausage was tasty! Check out the reveals and interviews our team snagged while munching on waffles and drinking from MLP mason jars!

The doors opened (somewhat) promptly at 8:10AM followed by a stampede into the room. This year wasn’t solely focused on Transformers, but the brand in general. However, that didn’t stop us from making a B-Line to the TF reveals. We were expecting Titan Wars, but actually were treated to the first look at the Victorion and G2 Superion Combiner Wars figures. The IP Team was the very first to snap pics of both Victorion and G2 Superion! Don’t believe me? Check out the time stamp on our twitter feed! Victorion is the fan voted combiner while G2 Superion is a nice redeco of the CW Aerialbots. Check out the gallery below.

We have a great interview with John Warden, the Design Manager of the Transformers brand. He discusses Victorion in depth along with how they got the exact colors for the G2 Aerialbots!


Sal and I also got a sneak peek at Transformers: Devastation! This epic new video game allows you to play as some of your favorite G1 characters including Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Grimlock! This game had it all for any Transfan. The aesthetics were beautiful as it looked like you were playing a comic book. The shading adds so much to the game to really make it pop off the screen. The game play is similar to a Devil May Cry. You have a regular and strong attack, which can be made into multiple combos. Your special combos are different for each character. Prime’s for instance was to turn into vehicle mode, grab his cab from the black hole it hides in, and run the person over a few times. Another cool combo is utilizing your alt mode during a barrage of attacks. We found out that the game will have “big” character downloads as well as finding out more of the bosses, including Soundwave and, of course, Megatron! We asked about possible Rodimus and Galvatron downloadable content, which was met with a smile and a “wait and see!” We only got to play through the first level defending the city from the likes of none other than Devastator. Check out the video of Sal playing as Grimlock through the first level below!



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