Trashy Ring Attire #19: Clashy Ring Attire feat. Joel & The John Cena Debate


Welcome to the 18th episode of Trashy Ring Attire! Appearing on TRA for the first time, our guest is Classy Ring Attire’s own Joel Leonard!

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This month we discuss:

  • Shaemus (what else?)
  • The Joel vs. Kue “John Cena For Superstar Of The Year” Debate
  • NXT Divas Appearing On The Main Roster
  • Recent NXT Superstars Appearing On The Main Roster vs. WWE’s 2009-2012 Attempts Like Shaemus, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, etc
  • Beast In The East
  • Brock Lesnar

And lots more! As always, we hope you enjoy.


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Until then… keep it trashy!

BD & Kue

BD writes about professional wrestling on Inside Pulse until he has to stop because he's about to have a stroke. Any “errors” that are made on his part are, of course, intentional and represent an artistic choice. He acts as a kind of fly paper for the emotionally disturbed.