G1 Climax 2015 Day 6 (Kazuchika Okada, Tomohiro Ishii, Karl Anderson, Hirooki Goto)



Card for Day 6 was changed at the last minute due to Shinsuke Nakamura’s injury. B Block wrestlers battled it out in their third day of competition.

Yujiro Takahashi defeated Yugi Nagata in 12:03 via pinfall. Average match. Takahashi resorted to cheating to get some heat, but neither he or Nagata could wake the crowd up; Sort of plodded along until the finish.

Hirooki Goto defeated Tomoaki Honma in 12:20 via pinfall. Another great match involving Honma. He and Goto enthusiastically beat the living hell out of each-other. Post-match, the crowd went wild for Honma. Good stuff. Surely Honma will win a couple of matches after all this.

Tomohiro Ishii defeated Karl Anderson in 16:31 via pinfall. Another god match with Anderson working on Ishii’s bad shoulder. The problem with ishii is he’s such a great seller that we never know if he’s just doing his job or really in pain. Important win for Ishii before his match against Nakamura (if that still happens).

Kazuchika Okada defeated Satoshi Kojima in 18:22 via pinfall. And a good main event to finish. the problem with such matches is it’s improbable Kojima would beat Okada at this stage of his career. Still, good effort from both, Okada is still on a roll.


Kazuchika Okada – 6
Tomohiro Ishii – 6
Karl Anderson – 4
Hirooki Goto  – 4
Yuji Nagata  – 2
Shinsuke Nakamura  – 2
Satoshi Kojima  – 2
Michael Elgin  – 2
Yujiro Takahashi  – 2
Tomoaki Honma  – 0

Analysis: Not the best day thus far and not the best crowd either. Everybody had to work hard to wake the crowd up. Good matches overall but nothing great. Michael elgin picks up two points due to nakamura forfeiting his match. Interestingly, Ishii is still booked strongly, but it remains to be seen if his match against  nakamura will happen. Hulkamania might be in trouble but HonmaMania is still running wild.

In other results:

Tiger Mask IV, Jushin Thunder Liger and Captain New Japan defeated Jay White, David Finlay and Ryusuke Taguchi. (Tiger Mask pinned White)

Yoshi Hashi and Toru Yano defeated Doc Gallows and Cody Hall. (Yoshi hashi pinned Hall)

Kota Ibushi, Togi Makabe and Mascara Dorada defeated Yohei Komatsu, Katsuyori Shibata and Hiroyoshi Tenzan. (Dorada pinned Komatsu)

Michael Elgin, Tetsuya Naito and Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Tama Tonga, Bad Luck Fale and AJ Styles. (Naito pinned Tonga)

Both Tenzan and Yano came out will swollen eyes after the head-butt spot on Sunday.


Next day (Wednesday 07/29) in A Block:

Toru Yano vs. Doc Gallows
Togi Makabe vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan
Katsuyori Shibata vs. Kota Ibushi
Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Bad Luck Fale
AJ Styles vs. Tetsuya Naito

Yano might very well win here, as on Sunday he faces Tanahashi. Shibata vs Ibushi and Styles vs Naito are the matches to watch out for, not only because they will be great but also because the winners will take an advantage over their main competition (they are all tied up at 4 points).

See you tomorrow for more G1!







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