Mick Foley Puts Over John Cena’s Broken Nose from WWE Monday Night Raw


Mick Foley, wrestling’s hardcore legend, has written a new blog putting over John Cena.

Whatever you do, please don’t disregard what I say about John Cena – WWE Universe by mentioning that I finished a match with a tooth in my nose, or without an ear. I did those things. But after watching Cena continue a great match with #WWE champion Seth Rollins, despite a nose broken so badly that it looked like it had been applied by a Hollywood FX master, does anyone out there believe that John Cena, if placed in a situation where his tooth was stuck in his nose, or an ear was lost along the way WOULDN’T continue wrestling?

A week ago, I named my mid-season WWE all-star team. Today – for consistently having great matches and going above and beyond the call of duty to entertain the #WWEUnverse, I name John Cena was my mid-season MVP.

Who is YOUR mid-season MVP in WWE, or in all of wrestling?

* Yes, I would have liked to see Kevin Owens win that third match.

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Source: facebook.com/RealMickFoley