TNA Impact Wrestling Taping Results from July 27, 2015 [Spoilers]


These are TNA Impact taping results from July 27, 2015. These matches will air on Impact in the coming weeks although it’s unclear which episodes

TNA Impact Wrestling
Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios
Report by Dot Net reader Ed

Xplosion Taping

1. Kenny King defeated DJZ.

TNA Impact Taping

Karen and Jeff Jarrett arrived to announce the first interpromotional matches between TNA and Global Force Wrestling. Eric Young came out, and Jarrett announced the King of the Mountain Title would be defended tonight. As Jarrett tried to leave, Young attacked him, leading to members of both rosters fighting.

1. Awesome Kong fought Lei’D Tapa to a double count out. GFW’s ring announcer introduced Tapa.The match ended in a double count out in about five minutes.

Bobby Roode came out and said he’s confused and upset about tonight’s goings on. He questioned why he’s not in the King of the Mountain match. He spoke about Austin Aries losing his job when he lost to Rockstar Spud. Roode called Spud to the ring. Spud came out wearing an awesome purple suit. They shook hands then Roode ran down his suit and said he should be proud to defeat Aries to end his TNA career and he should be proud of himself. Spud says he’s proud of his time in TNA and winning the X Division Title. Spud said he never ever imagined he’d be in the ring with someone like Roode and realized he could be such a condescending prick. Spud compared Roode to a bully in school who takes the kids’ lunch money, but Spud will fight back. Roode attacked Spud and laid him out with the Roode Bomb and then threw him outside into the ring steps before officials came out to send him to the back.

2. Lashley defeated Jessie Godderz in a King of the Mountain qualifier. Lashley got the win in about seven minutes with a spear that Godderz didn’t appear to sell properly, but overall it was a strong match. Lashley is one of the most underused men in the company. His power spots and his overall look is dominating in person.

Out next was TNA Champion EC3, who said he was bred to be a champion and is better than anyone in the crowd and any locker room anywhere. He put himself over in his match last week against Matt Hardy. Matt came out and said he heard everything he said and he may well be the best in the business. Hardy said despite EC3 defeating him, he will not quit until he is the TNA champion. EC3 said he respects Matt and if he wants another title match they’ll let the people decide. The crowd pops loud and then EC3 said no. Tyrus attacked Matt from behind and Carter laid him out with the belt to end the segment.

In a dark segment, Jeremy Borash announced that Jeff Hardy will return at tomorrow’s taping.

3. TNA Tag Champions The Wolves defeated Trevor Lee and Brian Myers. The Wolves got the win in about seven minutes with their finisher. Good match

4. X Division Champion Tigre Uno defeated Sonjay Dutt. Tigre got the win with a surprise roll up in only four minutes. I thought they should have been given more time.

5. PJ Black beat Chris Mordetzky, Robbie E, Eric Young, and Lashley to win the King of the Mountain Title. Jeff and Karen were not out to start the match. Young and Mordetzky were pinned just over a minute into the match by Lashley and Black. Robbie got the next pin over PJ and then was almost immediately after pinned by Lashley about three minutes in. Mordetzky got the next pin on Young in about six minutes in to be eligible. About ten minutes in, Black and Masters climbed up the ladder, but Lashley tipped over the ladder and hit a huge spear on Mordetzky. As he was going to put the belt up, Young took him out. Young went to climb the ladder, but he was knocked off by Black, who hit a 450 into a knee landing on Lashley’s chest. Black grabbed the belt and got the the win in about 13 minutes to become the new KOTM Champion. A surprising result, but it was good to see GFW pushing him.

James Storm, Manik, and Abyss came to the ring. Storm said they’re a family despite his measures being a bit extreme. Storm called out Mahabali Shera. Shera came out and Storm apologized to him and said he was testing him. Storm wanted to see if was serious about joining the Revolution. Storm said he took him under his wing and showed him around. He told Shera to raise his index finger to join them. Shera said he wasn’t respected and they did not respect him. He said his name is not Khoya he was treated like trash. He’s like all of us in that he likes to have fun and loves to dance and play his music. He went around the crowd doing his dance. He got back in the ring and even Manik started to dance. Storm got pissed and said he’s like these people – a joke. Storm and Abyss attacked Shera. They told Manik to go to the top rope and he reluctantly hit a frog splash, which was followed by Storm’s Last Call. They left Shera lying to end the segment.

Jeff and Karen Jarrett came out and said everyone’s buzzing about GFW. They announced that the KOTM champ PJ Black will face EC3 for the TNA Title. EC3 and Tyrus come out. EC3 asked who he thinks he is and said the match is off. Karen got in Ethan’s face and reminded him that Jeff still owns a stake in the company. Jeff threatened to call Dixie Carter and the Board of Directors and strip EC3 of the title if he refuses to compete. It’s up to him.

Borash came out and said there would be a steel cage match later in the show.

Eric Young came out and said he should in the main event. He said Angle isn’t there and that makes him the best and most dangerous man in the business. He said he’s taking someone’s life tonight. Chris Melendez came out and said he never accepts defeat and wants a rematch. He said will do whatever it takes. Young said he’s nothing to him and screamed at him repeatedly to leave! Young said he’s nothing to offer him, but then he said he wanted Melendez to put his prosthetic leg on the line. Chris accepted-brutal storyline. I hope TNA does the right thing and puts Melendez over.

EC3’s music played, but unfortunately it was for Tyrus.

6. Matt Hardy beat Tyrus. Tyrus dominated early but charged at Matt outside. Matt moved and Tyrus hit one of the ring posts hard. Ouch! Matt hit two Twists of Fate for the win in only three minutes.

EC3 came out and demanded that Jarrett brings out his best. Tyrus was still out at the start of the match. He ended up leaving and was favoring his forehead so he may be hurt.

7. EC3 defeated PJ Black to retain the TNA Title. About seven minutes in, Black hit a beautiful springboard 360 for a near fall. Carter tripped Black off the top and hit the One Percenter for the win in about nine minutes. Tyrus did not return.

8. Drew Galloway defeated Eli Drake in a No DQ match. I’m sorry, but I went to the tapings last week from Thursday through Saturday, which were a lot of One Night Only and Xplosion matches, and Drake is dull. I don’t see anything interesting in him. I’ve seen him in at least six matches before this one. I think he’s trying to be a borderline Dean Ambrose psycho but with zero of his personality. For the record, I blame Drake for his character, not TNA. Anyway, in the end, Galloway got Drake on the top turnbuckle and performed a Samoan drop through a table set up for the win in about ten minutes. Decent match.

9. Matt Hardy beat Bobby Roode. About two minutes in, Hardy went for a clothesline on the outside onto one of the ring posts, but of course Bobby moved and then worked on the left arm. At about the four-minute mark, Roode went for a move off the second rope but jumped right into a nice Twist Of Fate for the win!

10. Gail Kim defeated Marti and Jade in a handicap cage match. No Taryn Terrell, I’m sorry to report. Gail is the best female wrestler I’ve ever seen. Pinfall, submission or escaping the cage were the ways to win. On a side note, they showed Gail’s husband, Robert Irvine, in the crowd. Marti and Jade dominated until about the six-minute mark when Gail hit a perfect cross-body near the very top of the cage. The ending came when Jade went for a cross body off the top rope but Gail moved and she hit Marti. Gail hit Eat Defeat for the win in about nine minutes. Solid women’s match!

They had an autograph session with some of the talent after the show but I didn’t stick around. Overall, a solid night and the near four hours moved along well. I’ll be back tomorrow and Wednesday!

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