Eric Bischoff Chimes In On Hulk Hogan Situation, Defends WWE’s Swift Action To Delete Hogan


Eric Bischoff, who has worked with Hulk Hogan for over 2 decades as a close ally, has spoken out about the controversy.

Well, first of all, I think WWE handled it the only way they could. In the entertainment business, especially when you’re a publicly held company, you have to be sensitive not only to your audience, but you have to be sensitive to your advertisers.

You have to be sensitive to your business partners. You have to be sensitive and respectful of so many different people within the business of the entertainment business that you have to be responsible and you have to take responsible action, and I think that’s exactly what WWE did.

I don’t see how they possibly could have kept Hulk in the position that Hulk was in as a quote-unquote ambassador of their company with the kind of horrible publicity that is surrounding him now and will like surround him for quite awhile given everything that is going on.

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