Forever Heel: Bigotry is Hard, What Should We Do? (Hulk Hogan, Donald Sterling)


I hail from the largest liberal state in America. California is a hub for the PC and SJW cultures. Around a year ago we destroyed a man named Don Sterling for making racist remarks to his girlfriend. She had recorded the conversation, and the public wasn’t supposed to hear what he said. The NBA take away his team, The LA Clippers, he is banned from all NBA events, and probably hates black people more now.

Do we want WWE and Mattel deciding if we want Hogan’s merchandise? Should Hulkster be destroyed like Paula Deen was, or Don Sterling?

I knew the generation after me was in trouble when I was lectured by a 19-year-old about how brave Rebbeca Black was, and that I need to keep my intolerant opinions to myself. All I said was that Black sang like a sheep, and probably should find another dream. Plenty of us gave up on our dreams, but this was truly a shock to my younger peers. They honestly believe they can be anything, and this is a source of problems.

Everybody is afraid of hearing negative things, like how Darcey can’t go to prom in a bra and grass skirt. The whole town condemns the school, over this stupid shit. So we’re so busy protecting Darcey from stupid shit, that when she hears her hero Hulkster say the n-word, we go nuts and cover her ears and protect her from actual negative intolerance. She grows believing every negative comment must be evil, and the negative speaker must be scorched with “The Fire of Tolerance”.

Meanwhile in WWE, Hunter sees that young people can’t handle anything negative, so we end up with wrestlers named Yellow Trunks, and Blue Boots because WWE can’t afford to piss off even one fan. That one offended fan might start using social media to make a big deal out of Yellow Trunk’s name sounding like a racial slur, and then Margret Cho gets involved, and before we know it Hunter has his own company taken away from him by the American Government because his racism is causing corruption. WWE then is run by congress until they sell the company to Spike Lee.

I even notice that there is no one really asking for Hogan to be Benoited, African-Americans seem okay. Hogan should apologize and be mandated to take sensitivity training. He also needs to apologize to Mark Henry, who is the real conscience of the WWE.

Basically we have to choose if we want to condemn people for what we weren’t supposed to know? Should we destroy any chance of them making money from their celebrity? Should we accept the apology, and move on? What about somebody like Mel Gibson are his drunk racist rants really how he feels, or is he just a dick when he’s drunk? What if the guy gives to the black community and really helps them, for 30 years, but says something hateful, is he really a racist? What should Hogan’s punishment be? I’d like him replaced by Mr T in the next WWE video game. Mr T. is a nice guy and has an attachment to Hogan.

I hate commenting on controversy, so next week is going to be about some ridiculous wrestler, or something.

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