A2Z Analysiz: Impact Wrestling Presents The Best of Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan

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DVD Release Date: Friday, July 17, 2015

I generally only review the full matches that are found on DVD sets, and that is the bulk of this review. In addition to the matches you are about to read about, this DVD presents most of the big events from Hogan’s run in TNA, including segments with the Aces & Eights, Bully Ray, Sting, Dixie Carter, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and more. The running time is about 2 hours and 42 minutes, with about 45 minutes of extras.

iMPACT, 3.8.10: Hulk Hogan & Abyss vs. AJ Styles & Ric Flair ended in a no-contest at 2:21. The two teams go back and forth for a little bit, and the referee is already having trouble maintaining control. Flair and Styles are dominating, and then Sting’s music hits and the man is here with a baseball bat! For some reason Sting turns his baseball bat on Hogan and Abyss as the commentators are shocked. The referee calls for the bell. Sting, Flair, and Styles work Abyss and Hogan over and they both get busted open. Hogan gets on the mic to announce that later on tonight, this match will happen again but it will be a no-disqualification match!
Rating: ½*

iMPACT, 3.8.10: Hulk Hogan & Abyss defeat AJ Styles & Ric Flair in a No Disqualification Match at 7:55. This is about as fast-paced and exciting as you would imagine given the participants. Styles and Flair isolate Hogan for a bit and work on his leg. That goes on for a bit and then Abyss gets to have his way and he cleans house. We come to the finish when Hogan and Abyss do a Double Hulk Up, and then Abyss then hits Styles with the Black Hole Slam to get the pin. That was adequate given the limitations of half the participants.
Rating: **

Bound for Glory, 10.16.11: Sting defeats Hulk Hogan (w/ Ric Flair) at 9:43. Referee Jackson James is actually Eric Bischoff’s son, they revealed to us earlier. Dixie Carter is shown multiple times watching from ringside. The commentators refer to this match as a “fight.” Like all good fights, it starts with a headlock. They brawl around like a couple of washed-up former stars, and you know Flair has to get in on that action. Eventually Sting bloodies Hogan’s head, and follows with a couple of Stinger Splashes. Sting then locks on the Scorpion Deathlock for the win. That was the kind of overbooked mess it needed to be to disguise the fact that Hogan can barely move or bump, but if you need to book a match in that vein, why book it at all?
Rating: ¼*

Maximum IMPACT Tour 2012 – Night 2, 1.26.12: Hulk Hogan, Sting & James Storm defeat Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode & Bully Ray at 12:56. No commentary here, as this match has never been released before. Hogan is wrestling in jeans and sneakers. This is a pretty standard formula match, with Hogan and crew dominating the early going, and then the heels taking over for the heat on Sting. Eventually Sting makes a hot tag to Storm, who cleans house for a bit before getting cut off. Then the heels take a second heat on Storm. After a bit of that the real hot tag is made to the Hulkster. Hogan dominates everyone, and then lets Storm hit Roode with a big Leg Drop to get the pin. This was a pretty standard “send the crowd home happy” match and there’s nothing wrong with that.
Rating: **½

A2Z Analysiz
This is a pretty good summation of Hogan’s time in TNA. That being said, his time in TNA was generally terrible and held the promotion back more than anything. The matches are not so good (obviously), and the promos and segments led to nothing worthwhile. So if you’re a fan of Hogan promos or matches, you would still enjoy this, but I see a pretty limited appeal here. And if you want it, better start checking eBay because it’s already gone from TNA’s website.

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