Vince Russo Blog: Dixie Carter “Never Cut Out to Run a Wrestling Company”, Reveals Jim Ross/TNA Discussions


If You’re Inept, It Doesn’t Mean Your “Character” Has To Be


Dixie Carter was never cut out to run a professional wrestling company. Anybody who has ever worked under her would matter-of-factly tell you that. I will even go as far as to say that I don’t think that any talent who ever signed a contract with TNA felt the least bit confident that Dixie had a clue to what she was doing. And, that inability to lead—due to her failure to make decisions based on  her own lack of self-confidence—is quickly leading to her, and TNA’s eventual demise. Sure, her company has had a good 13 year run in spite of her total lack of expertise when it comes to sports-entertainment, but parents with deep pockets will tend to keep you  in the game perhaps a bit longer than you deserve to be.

And here’s the deal–what I just stated was not a slight at Dixie. If I were put in charge of TNA to run the day-to-day operations—I would have sunk that ship long before she did. That job description wouldn’t even be close to my skill set. However, the only difference is that I would have clearly understood, recognized and accepted my limitations, and then hired those who had the know-how and knowledge to help me.

Prior to Eric Bischoff coming into the company, there were serious talks of Jim Ross joining TNA. I know, because I personally spent a couple of hours with Jim on the phone at the time. During those discussions JR even visited the Carter Ranch in Texas, where Bob and Janice Carter absolutely fell in love with him. Unfortunately, the marriage of JR and TNA never took place. And, looking back in hindsight—that one missed opportunity may have been a crucial factor of where TNA is today. In the end, I think Dixie’s ego wouldn’t allow JR to come in and run her company—even if it meant her company gaining credibility and becoming healthy. Now you might point to the illusion that she allowed Eric Bischoff to come in and do what JR was “supposed” to do—but that is far from the truth. Eric simply came in as part of the Hulk Hogan deal–which he and the Hulkster together masterly crafted. Eric was never supposed to get the power in which he eventually mustered while he was there, it was basically–if you want Hulk–then I’m coming along as well.

Listen, we are, what we are. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Vince McMahon’s strength has always been to hire strong employees around him in key areas of his company—and let them run. That’s why he hired JR and Dixie Carter didn’t. The importance of identifying, knowing and understanding your short comings as a business owner is vital in being successful—unfortunately, I don’t think Dixie ever identified, acknowledged, or ADMITTED her weaknesses. She micromanaged everyone on her staff from day one, and there isn’t one current, or former employee that wouldn’t admit that. That harsh truth will come out when she is no longer capable of paying anybody.

Now, with all that being said, one would have to believe, if the above-said person actually had the opportunity to become a character on her own wrestling show—that she would indeed have her writers pen a script where her glaring weaknesses are turned into super-powered strengths—no? In other words Clark Kent is a “nerd” in his real life job at the Daily Planet, but once he enters and leaves a phone booth—he becomes the iconic Superman. Once he loses the glasses and dons the cape—the guy is just a total stud. If you’re Dixie Carter—aren’t you telling your writers to write your character with the same emphasis that DC writers would pen Superman? You know, able to leap tall buildings—the whole nine?

But—in contrast—the writers at TNA do the complete opposite. They actually write Dixie as if she were a mortal woman–making the same lame-brain mistakes that she makes everyday 10-4 in her own office. Case in point–at the TNA, or Global Force Wrestling TV tapings yesterday, Dixie put Jeff Jarrett back in charge of her company—only for him to form a hostile takeover 30 minutes later. Yeah—you got that right—the same guy that she fired from her company, not once—but twice—she now turns over authority to because for whatever reason—he now has earned her full and complete trust. You know what that’s like—it’s like Mr. Willy Wonka putting Augustus Gloop in charge of his chocolate factory for a day—with Augustus promising that he won’t EAT ANYTHING!

What is it they say—art imitates life? Well—it certainly has in TNA/GFW wrestling. In life, somehow Jeff Jarrett has talked his way into IMPACT becoming a full-blown infomercial for GFW, while on television, not only is he now the King of some ficticious mountain—-but he might also have the power to do something that Bob and Janice Carter should have done a long time ago—-fire Dixie Carter and hire Jim Ross.

Unfortunately . . . it is way too late for that.

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