Chris Jericho Won’t “Completely Abandon” Hulk Hogan In Light of Racist Comments



Chris Jericho commented on the Hulk Hogan fiasco on the latest Talk is Jericho Podcast

All I know is that Hulk has always been a nice guy to me and I’ve seen him sign hundreds and hundreds of autographs for kids, waiting for an airplane and I was there standing next to him. It doesn’t excuse what he said. I’m not saying anything about that.

I’m just saying I think he has got a good heart and was maybe caught in the wrong place, saying things that he shouldn’t have said, but all you can say is that I hope Hulk rebounds and comes back from this and I hope he digs down deep inside and finds out what kind of a person he really is.

I think, if he can do that, then people will get a chance to see the real Hulk and terrible, terrible situation, and Hulk should not have put himself in that position. Like I said, man, it’s a tough thing. A lot of times friends do things that you wish they hadn’t have done, but you don’t abandon them completely.

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