Secret Wars Review & Spoilers: Marvel Comics’ Old Man Logan #3 By Brian Michael Bendis & Andrea Sorrentino


Published: May 27, 2015
Rating: Parental Advisory
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Andrea Sorrentino

Hey everyone Grainbelt here, back for another review…..

I have enjoyed the OLD MAN LOGAN series and decided take on Reviewing number 3. I hope you enjoy…..

This is issue starts with action right out of the gates, we are smacked in the face by a huge confrontation between Logan and The Apocalypse. I liked how well we transition in from the last issue, and incase you started on this one, it compels the reader to track down the earlier issues. As we know Logan is one of the few surviving “heroes” left in a world ruled by villains and surrounded by pain. This makes for excellent character development and that stays true to form here. Battles make up the meat and the potatoes of this issue, and we transition nicely into an intense exchange between Logan and one of the Thors. Once the Thor is introduced we continue to see why Apocalypse is one of the most cold beings in the Marvel universe. I must say Bendis really flexed his muscles in the department of dialog, since we are used to seeing Logan, act on being a man of few words, its nice to see how the villains can bare most of the burden on the dialog end of things. Once Logan barely survives his battle he meets an old friend who doesn’t quite remember him. It seems as though Iron man now has a new agenda and has denounced all recollection of the mutants or the Xmen. The next few scenes give us a better glimpse into the events so to speak, that triggered what is actually is happening in this world. We also get a hint of the sentimental side of Logan here as well, as he goes into a slight diatribe of what he has seen, and all this world has shown him. Through out this conviction he has come to terms with wanting to confront DOOM, the seemingly over lord of the world we are presented with. Seeing Stark and I’m assuming War Machine is a real treat, seeing as they are on the other side of the hero coin, and  present a must more gruesome outlook than one would expect. After a hasty decision, Logan is left in “The Death lands” and I assume this is a place of banishment, it doesn’t look pretty in the final page and we see familiar looking threats lurking in the darkness.



“Put this Mutant Anomaly Out of Your mind…”

“He is already Gone…”

“It is Doom’s will”

I give this issue a 8/10 and well worth the time with the doom speech alone, and I can’t wait to see what they end up doing with the Doom character. I also liked how well the issue flowed between each page despite the pace, there were a few pages with a lot of content but because of the writer and artist talent following along was effortless. I found it to be a pleasant experience the way they mapped out each panel giving us smooth as glass reading, I strongly recommend picking this up if you haven’t already..

-Grainbelt Jones

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