Remembering Roddy Piper: Mick Foley, Chris Jericho Share Memories of the “Rowdy” One


Wrestlers are continuing to tell positive memories of the late Roddy Piper. Here are excerpts from Chris Jericho and Mick Foley on the LAW

Mick Foley
I was really enamored with the way he could talk. I knew talent when I saw it, I realized how good he was. In the 80s in the WWF, He was very friendly, but definitely in character. Around 8 years ago at an Independent show we met and he said, ‘you and I haven’t crossed paths that much, but I hear you’re a real great Daddy’ I respected that a lot from him. Roddy was one of the guys I looked forward to seeing the most. When he and I were at Raw’s together, we would just sit at catering and talk for long periods of time. 5 years ago he’d lost weight, beat cancer and was razor sharp on the mic. On Legends House he said he ‘had more issues than TV guide’ Roddy dealt with a lot and relied on his family to keep him grounded. We talked a lot about my experience with Celebrity wife swap and by that point we had a lot of trust between us. It would be a rare occasion when I wouldn’t see Roddy without a family member especially his son Colt. Family was really important to him and that was our bond. We never really competed but we had that bond. He stole almost every scene he was in, during his career.

Chris Jericho
The first time I ever came face to face with Piper was backstage in WCW, and when he came over from WWF it was a BIG BIG deal. My appreciation for Roddy came about in the last 10 years, more specifically when we did our WrestleMania program. That’s when I really started to get to know him a little bit more. Getting to work with him there was a real intensity a lot of people might not remember. I wanted him to go back to the Piper from Wrestlemania 1 because Piper was the catalyst that made that so successful. He gave one of the last GREAT promos on one Raw before WrestleMania, he was serious, direct, a great actor, he would speak from the heart and it was magic, magic, magic. I visited him onset on a movie he was doing called ‘immortal combat’ and before his scene he went to the corner and stood by himself and I found out that’s how he was getting ready for his scene, that’s how he prepares he goes to the corner and drops into what he’s doing and I never forgot that and I use that quite a bit, just go off by yourself to get mentally prepared for the scene you have coming up. He popped in and out of my career from 1994 up until two days ago. I was texting him and considered him a friend. A very sweet guy, huge family man, stayed married for 30 odd years, which as you know is some feat in the wrestling business. A real good hearted guy, and what a shock. Hug someone you love because you never know, because If I could give Roddy Piper one last hug I’d be proud to do that.

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