Marvel Comics’ Star Wars #7 Review & Spoilers: Star Wars Comics Series Reaches VII Issue By Jason Aaron, Simone Bianchi & Others


Published: July 29, 2015
Rating: Rated T
Writer: Jason Aaron
Cover Artist: John Cassaday

Hey everyone back again for another review extra….

Last Wednesday Star Wars issue 7 saw its release in stores and on shelves. When I picked this thing up I was a bit confused, but that turned into massive intrigue. This time around they decided to give us a journey through the journal of a Jedi, upon returning to Tatooine the force leads Luke to a journal left behind by the former general Ben Kenobi. We along with Luke are told a lost story of the struggles Ben faced while protecting Luke on his home planet. Ben, seemingly drained with the exile that has been laid before him by Dark Side forces must began doing the hardest thing he has ever done, quit being a Jedi.

“As hard as it was to become a Jedi… It was even harder to stope being one…”

– Ben Kenobi

We open in the midst of conflict on Tatooine, as we see the locals being harassed by the great Jabba’s henchmen. There is a drought, one of the worst the planet has seen in recent times causing there to be pressure on the moisture farmers though out the area. Poor Kenobi is seen turning his back on people who need him most, due to the fact protecting young Skywalker is his priority, and remaining hidden is the best possible way to do so. Also adding to his danger if the Sith hear of any presence of a Jedi on Tatooine they will send assassins to kill the last remaining general of the order.  As we continue through the issue Ben guides us, recollecting his harsh times on the dessert planet, along with battling doubt which is crippling him the most, forcing him to meditate and confide to his past master Qui-gon for guidance.

The issue has some great flow and suspense as we see a few close calls for the general. Thrusted into the position of taking a more prominent role in the young boys defense Kenobi must  again use his Jedi tactics to out wit more henchmen, as they threaten to take the last of water from young Skywalker and his family. This causing Ben to pull out some old Jedi mind tricks to confuse the simple minded villains, to keep everyone safe.


Later in the issue we are to assume young Skywalker is safe due to Kenobi’s efforts, but it is young Skywalker who ventures out on his own to confront the Hutt’s scavengers, and face them for what they tried to do to his family. Showing much courage Skywalker surrounded, stands tall facing all who oppose him, and ass the villainous group threatens to capture him forcing him to spend his life as a slave, our hero Kenobi enters the picture in stealth fashion.  Using his set of Jedi powers and the force Kenobi is able to subdue all the opposers as well as Skywalker keeping himself a mystery and un identified, he also managed to do all this without even drawing his lightsaber which was an amazing touch and goes along with the Jedi code. It is said most Jedi’s do not wield their sabers in battle unless its absolutely necessary and with Kenobi being in hiding it was smart for writer Jason Aaron to stay true to that here. Once Luke is returned home, we see the doubt in Skywalker leave master Kenobi, and he is assured he is doing the right thing protecting the boy. We also see him preparing goodies for the young one and even pulls out what looks to be Vader’s old Saber for good measure. As the issue closes we see current Skywalker flying in his X wing just finishing that portion of Kenobi’s journal, he flies out in the galaxy as he and R2 think of their next course of action…..

“My name is Obi-wan Kenobi. The last of my order. But this is not the end of the Jedi. All it took was a young boy’s courage to assure me of that….”

– Obi-wan Kenobi

This was a great issue and a great way to break up the series. This was something different and a whole new approach to what we have gotten so far and I really enjoyed it. Personally I would give this a 9 out of 10, if there was a bit more action I would have given it a 10, however the way they paced this one out was darn near perfect. For those die hard Star Wars fans I think you will enjoy the way Obi- wan was written and the artwork did everything justice. I would say pick this up for sure if you have a chance, and make sure you’re willing to read a tale from the great General Kenobi himself.

– Grainbelt Jones

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