Pull List Roundtable 8/5/2015 – Detective Comics #43, Secret Wars, We Stand on Guard #2, The Fox #5 & More (Spoilers)

Mike Maillaro

  • DREAM POLICE #7 – DREAM POLICE was a one-shot that came out from Marvel like ten years ago. I thought it had a lot of potential, but it seemed like JMS had no plans to do anything more with it. I was pretty shocked when I saw Image had decided to bring it back. This has been an excellent series, with some creative looks at what goes inside our heads when we dream. The rumor is that they are also going to bring back JMS’s BOOK OF LOST SOULS, which is another series I loved.

  • SECRET WARS – Lots of good SECRET WARS books this week. FUTURE IMPERFECT is my favorite of the batch, but I also like AGE OF APOCALYPSE, CIVIL WAR, GIANT-SIZE LITTLE MARVEL, RED SKULL, and SPIDER-ISLAND.

  • MS MARVEL #17 – We also got a Last Days issue for MS MARVEL. I love Kamala Khan, though the Last Days issues for the most part haven’t appealed to me all that much. It’s hard to care about “what these characters were doing when reality ended” because we know they failed to stop the final incursion AND at the same time, we know most of them will be back post-SECRET WARS.

  • GUARDIANS TEAM-UP #9 – GUARDIANS TEAM-UP varies in quality from issue to issue. Issue 8 only came out last week and it was a silent issue featuring Silver Surfer and Groot. It wasn’t bad, but it takes a real skill to write a good silent issue, and this one was just okay. Issue 9 features Star-Lord and Spider-Man teaming up. This should be a pretty natural fit. Looking forward to this one!

  • FOX #5 – If you get a chance to check out Waid’s FOX series from last year, it’s definitely worth a look. So far, the new series hasn’t quite been as good, but I still enjoy it. I think the current series has spent a little too much time trying to expand the FOX’s family, when FOX himself is a much more interesting character than his wife and son. I feel bad even saying this, but reading this issue, I keep hoping something tragic happens to them just to keep them from constantly taking over the series.

  • UFOLOGY #4 – I have to admit, this series loses me at times. There is so much going on in so many different directions that I sometimes have problems remember who is who and why they are important. That said, I still enjoy what I am reading, and I suspect that when I go back and read them all together it will make a lot more sense. I hate to recommend “wait for a trade, ” but that might be your best bet here.

  • WILL EISNER’S THE SPIRIT #2 – I hadn’t really read much with The Spirit before issue 1 of this series. Honestly, the only reason I had even given it a look was because I like what Dynamite has done with books like MASKS, PROJECT SUPERPOWERS, and SWORDS OF SORROW. And I had a reviewer’s copy of issue 1. I liked the first issue a lot. If nothing else, I was real amused that they managed to make a joke about Strunk and White. I love random and obscure little references like that. Definitely worth checking out.

  • WE STAND ON GUARD #2 – I was a little harsh about the first issue, but I like Brian K Vaughan and I am willing to give it a few more issues to win me over. That said, I read a lot of comics each week, and it’s hard for me to carry books that don’t immediately win me over. This book is only on my hold list because of BKV’s past work at the moment.

  • STAR TREK #48 – IDW’s comic set in the rebooted STAR TREK universe has provided us with some unique twists on some classic characters, themes, and stories. We’re building up towards a huge 50th issue with the Enterprise still lost far from Federation space. The next two issues are all about the Enterprise dealing with a race of beings who consider themselves to be gods. Kirk’s already had to deal with Q, so these guys should be pushovers.

Jim Fulton

  • 8House: Arclight #2 – The first issue of this new series confused me a little, but thanks to Marian Churchland, it blew me away, visually. I’m looking forward to getting a stronger sense of the story, but also just seeing more of her pages.

  • Airboy #3 – Airboy has been a riot so far, as James Robinson has cast himself (in the worst possible light) as the main character, and had him interacting with the squeaky clean public domain character. This issue takes place in Airboy’s reality, and should continue to be a lot of dirty fun.

  • Fuse #13 – I’m happy to see the start of a new arc of Fuse, an excellent police procedural comic set on a space station. Antony Johnston’s been laying the groundwork for this book through the first two arcs, and I feel like this is the one where we start to learn about Dietrich’s hidden agenda. This is a very entertaining book.

  • Guardians Team-Up #9 – Normally, if you tried to sell me on a comic featuring Spider-Man and the new, jokey version of Star-Lord, I’d have no interest at all, but this is being written and drawn by Javier Pulido, and so it becomes one of the comics I’m anticipating the most for this week.

  • Skullkickers #100 – I’ve read Skullkickers since it began (not 100 issues ago – this is the kind of thing that Jim Zub does), and I’m looking forward to the conclusion. This was not a comic I ever expected to stick with when the store I shop at recommended I give it a try, but clearly, the people there are much smarter than me, because here I am at the renumbered end.

John Babos

  • Batman Beyond #3 – Tim Drake was my fave Robin and I was there back in the day marveling over his first mini-series and then his ongoing series. Now, I get an older Tim Drake taking over as Batman Beyond – a TV animated series I enjoyed – from Terry McGinnis. Plus an awesome creative team in Dan Jurgens and Bernard Chang. What’s not to like?

  • Bloodshot Reborn #5 – Loving the current series by write Jeff Lemire. This issue has a guest artist with Bloodsquirt taking center stage!

  • Lobo #9 – I’m reading so many Cullen Bunn penned books monthly nowadays, but Lobo isn’t one. However, Bunn’s Sinestro series is amazing and I believe Lobo is on a mission for Sinestro in this new arc… so I may just check this issue out.

  • Omega Men #3 – WTF is up with Kyle Rayner?

  • We Stand On Guard #2 – USA vs Canada in the future after Canuckistan was nuked by Uncle Sam. Zaniness from BKV and Steve Skroce.

Paul Miranda

  • The FOX #5
    What does The Fox say?? Plenty! Especially when his son who has succeeded him is being held captive by his most hated enemy. This title recently came into my radar a month ago. I caught up reading the other four. Mark Waid & Dean Haspiel del
    iver a fast, funny, and intelligent story every issue.

    Jimbo is still working out the kinks in his new gig. That armour seems cumbersome. He has to surpass the baptism by fire before the new Bat has his wings clipped permanently. Good thing Harv is looking out for him.

    How exactly did Black Hand end up with stone cold powers? As last issue’s title indicated, he is a modern-day Medusa. As creepy and disturbing as he is, this pathetic fellow desperately needs a friend. It’s a neat twist on the Midas effect.

    The third of the Big Three. Bekka loved once and only once and lost big time. This hardened her even more. She decides to make her mark on Earth delivering justice New Genesis style!! For those of you who haven’t viewed the animated movie yet, get on it!! Bruce Timm has refueled his creative juices.

    The unabashedly unapologetic public figure continues to tear down various walls. Thus, it’s just another day as he plows his way through various copies of Multiplex.

  • RED SONJA/CONAN #1 (of 4)
    By Crom! It’s surprising these two don’t get together a lot more often!! The absolute greatest warriors of the Hyborian Age even though the latest was the real recent CONAN / RED SONJA to which this is a sequel. Handling comic book properties is a tricky business due to copyright and what not, but the far from barbaric duo will not hesitate all oppressors to justice!

  • AIRBOY #3 (of 4)
    On a whim, I decided to leaf through #1. I was immediately hooked and left with my jaw dropping. It’s not just the R-rated images. What got me the most was the self-deprecating humour to which James Robinson subjects himself. He is his own worst enemy in this adventure as he struggles to revive the comic book character who magically appears [literally!] Mature audiences only!! James is relaying his real-life ups-and-downs in the business in a brutally honest way.

  • KAPTARA #4
    One of the employees at a local comic shop recommended this. It’s inspired by Flash Gordon, John Carter and Saga. I especially love how the main character is gay and that the creators wanted him to specifically be this way. Ugh. Such poor phrasing. Either way, every issue is purely outrageous!! The aliens are the weirdest-looking I’ve ever seen. Keith Kanga doesn’t have any heroic trappings. He’ll have to rely more on dumb luck to keep his head on his shoulders!

    Canada is on the map!! BKV shows that we (I am one of them) are not just humble and polite. Despite the war with our neighbours down south, we will not sit, watch, and wait. We retaliate!!

  • CIVIL WAR #2
  • Ms. MARVEL #17
  • RED SKULL #2 (of 3)
  • SIEGE #2
  • SPIDER-ISLAND #2 (of 5)
  • ULTIMATE END #4 (of 5)
    Another ‘dirty’ dozen as the exploits of the various domains of Battleworld unfold. The consensus at this point is that more and more have memories of the ‘real world’ before Doom usurped the power of the Beyonders. All three banners offer something. Kamala finally meets Carol during her “Last Days”; the Ultimate Universe is inching closer to its implosion; the Maestro wants to storm Doomstadt in “Battleworld”; Steve and Tony draw their lines along the craggy landscape as full-on war breaks out; Peter goes too far (what exactly will he do?); Venom and friends fend off Spider-Queen’s minions in “Warzones”.

    Vader continues his rise to prominence with some help from Aphra and the Droids. Encountering the Rebels is a walk in the park for this dark lord.

  • GROOT #3
    “I Am Groot!” will never wear out its appeal. His unintentional journey to Earth brings more misadventure