Tuesday Raw Roundtable: Roddy Piper Tribute, Brock Lesnar, 6-Man Tag, Diva Revolution Continues

WWE had another new Raw on Monday, what did the Pulse Wrestling crew think of the show?

Darren Paltrowitz

At the beginning of the episode, I had a lot of faith in what was to come. The Roddy Piper tribute was strong, even if it was the same kind of video package the WWE gives all of its departed legends. The Seth Rollins promo following that was great and the crowd — whose “Thank you, Rollins” chant was much appreciated — was into it. The Rollins-Neville match after that was also well-done.

And then came the usual dragging brought on by a three-hour Raw. The Intercontinental Title picture is still lacking. The tag team division is full of talent, but looks weak. The Divas division initially seemed strong with the introduction of the three NXT call-ups, but these round-robin feud matches aren’t particularly captivating. Mark Henry is apparently now a jobber along with Zack Ryder. Dean Ambrose is without a proper feud. Damien Sandow is still missing in action. The Undertaker still looks unconvincing, given his age, wardrobe and ridiculous hair-dye, and really should stick with a mid-card feud (or even a triple-threat match where he can rest on the side a lot). I think very highly of Stardust, but that gimmick needs updating.

Praise is due, however, to Cesaro and Kevin Owens for their feud. Those two ought to put on a “Summerslam” match that will appeal to all sorts of fans, even if both of them are tweeners. Roman Reigns was also surprisingly over in the main event, showing that he does well with a crowd when he isn’t being oversold to them. Randy Orton, who is also without proper feud, also fared well in the main event, showing that he is fantastic as a supporting character.

But as of this moment, RAW is my fifth favorite WWE program — placing behind Tough Enough, Total Divas, NXT and Swerved.

Brittney Soban

Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Sheamus v. Roman Reigns, Randy Orton & Dean Ambrose: These six men are great in the ring. The newly reunited Harper & Wyatt haven’t missed a beat and the chemistry with all the men involved made this match exciting and fun to watch. Each man was able to land big moves and showcase their strengths. The tangible animosity between the respective rivals was even better. Seeing Reigns, Orton & Ambrose win was great too, especially given the close calls throughout the match. The pre-match tribute to Piper, and Ambrose sporting his shirt throughout the match rounded out a good Monday Night Raw that I’m sure Piper was watching and enjoying.

10 Thoughts on Raw for my full thoughts!

John Turnbull

The 8 man tag was a great example of wasted opportunities, and raises the question as to why the Ascension are still employed by the WWE. And can we stop with the guest commentator thing please? It’s getting really tired.
Bellas vs Charlotte & Becky Lynch showed once again how much better the NXT grads are than the trophy wives, and it’s somewhat remarkable that Brie didn’t break her own neck botching a simple suplex from Lynch. Memo to WWE – we don’t hate them because they’re heels, we hate them because they suck.
Miz TV with Kevin Owens was vaguely entertaining for a talk segment, mainly due to the fact that Owens is a great dickbag and Cesaro finally has a feud that he can sink his teeth into. He also looks good in a suit.
Rusev vs Mark Henry… meh. Don’t care.
Someone needs to tell Bray Wyatt that penchant does not rhyme with pendant. It’s French, beardy.
King Barrett beating Zack Ryder was as predictable as it was pointless.
Heyman on the mic is always entertaining, and tonight was no exception. Thank you, Paul E, for temporarily taking away the pain of another crappy 3 hour Raw. I think we might have seen that brawl footage enough, though.
Paige worked hard to make Naomi look good, but Team B.A.D reminds me a lot of the J.O.B Squad, as both names are representative of the talents of the team (except Banks, who has the potential to be great when she dumps the dead wood). Sad to say, but I’m getting bored of this Divas Trio thing already, and I freaking love the NXT divas…
The six man tag was probably the match of the night, but that’s a bit like saying El Torito is the tallest little person in the room. Reigns apron drop kick on the announce table was cute, and Luke Harper is a solid worker who deserves better than being a lackey of the increasingly stale Bray Wyatt.
Overall another average to poor episode of Raw. Will Green Arrow save the day? I’m keeping an open mind but I kinda doubt it…

Pat Metalhead

Touching (and well deserved) tribute to Roddy Piper to start this show. The chosen clips reminded everyone how good and entertaining The Hotrod really was. You will be missed Roddy.

Rollins starts things up and I liked the “Thank You” chants. Rollins smartly turns his loss around and uses it to prove what a great humanitarian he is. Good stuff from the champ who, for once, isn’t portrayed as a joke. His rules for the open challenge made me laugh and quite neatly set up his match against Neville.

Very good match between Rollins and Neville, with Rollins smartly exploiting a Neville mistake for the win. See WWE? This is how a heel champion is supposed to be booked. More of this please, even if we all know who’s gonna win at Summerslam.

As NJPW has found out, the multi tag-team formula can grow stale after awhile. And WWE is doing almost every week. Twice. Solution is simple, more tag teams and they can mix things up without having to resort to the same thing over and over again.

Diva revolution continues with Charlotte making Nikki tap out. Not a bad match, but they need to further the story-lines a bit.

I enjoyed the Miz TV segment, Cesaro and Owens got some well deserved time and played off each-other well. Miz was also great in his role. Very good segment.

Do I really need to spell out what I thought about Rusev/henry, the Wyatt promo and Ryder/Barrett? No? then I won’t.

Great Heyman promo, but 1. why hype up a Lesnar appearance if he’s going to just stand there looking menacing and 2. I still hate the idea of Lesnar/Undertaker as Summerslam main event.

Naomi vs Paige wasn’t bad, but they are not the two people want to see go at it right now.

Main event was fun, Ambrose got the best reaction and all worked well together. Nothing was really accomplished but still fun.

Not a bad Raw I thought. The absence of Cena and Taker put the spotlight on different wrestlers, and, for once, those had the backing of WWE creative somewhat. I wish that WWE would continue on this road, but I know better than to hold my breath.