WWE Superstars Taping Results For 08/06/2015 (Jack Swagger vs. Bo Dallas, Heath Slater vs. Fandango) [Spoilers]

What is up for Superstars this week?

The following results are for WWE Superstars, which was taped before Raw.

1. Fandango beat Heath Slater. Lots of Fandangoing fans in California. Otherwise, a standard Superstars match. Fandango pinned Slater after the Falcon Arrow suplex.

A huge and natural Roddy Piper chant started and lasted for about a minute.

2. Jack Swagger beat Bo Dallas. The crowd was hot for Bo’s victory lap and there were dueling “We the People” and “We Bolieve” chants. Dallas went into a lot of headlocks. Otherwise standard SS fare. Swagger reversed the running Bo-dog into the ankle lock for the win.

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Source: prowrestling.net