Fantastic Four 2015 Film Reboot: Will Post-Credits Scenes Or Easter Eggs Spoilers Salvage The Marvel Comics Film From Fox?

The Fantastic Four 2015 reboot film hits theaters this weekend from Fox. This is not a film that is being rolled out as part of the broader Marvel Studios’ Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as Fox continues to have the movie rights to the Fantastic Four and X-Men movie franchises; conversely Sony now shares the Spider-Man movie rights with Marvel Studios. And, interestingly, the film is out this week yet there are is no ongoing Marvel Comics’ series featuring the Fantastic Four on stands or in comic book stores.

While I make my own mind up about movies based on my actual viewing of a film, I am surprised by the unrelenting negative view of the film by reviewers and regular social media warriors who presumably have seen it already at advance screenings, etc. At Rotten Tomatoes the film as of this morning has an 8% rating; yesterday’s big “sky is falling” pundits were lamenting that the rating was at… 14%.

Fantastic Four 2015 movie rotten tomatoes August 6 2015 morning

I still plan to see the film, but likely not opening weekend. That’s my usual practice not one just for FF 2015.

UPDATEThe FF 2015 film reportedly bombed on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday showings with experts early on significantly downgrading the weekend box prediction. In the end, the movie did not even achieve the lowered box office forecast! More here.

The big question on everyone’s minds, beyond is the FF 2015 film any good, is whether the film has an post-credit scenes / easter eggs a la the previous Marvel super-hero films from Fox most notably the broader X-Men franchise.

Spoilers concerning Fantastic Four 2015 Film Reboot post-credits scenes / easter eggs follow:

In a bit of a let-down, it seems that there will be no post-credits or even mid-credits scenes with easter eggs for fans to look forward to with the Fantastic Four 2015 film reboot. This has been confirmed in cast interviews circulating from the pre-release hype for the film.

Fantastic Four 2014 Movie poster banner 2

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