William Friedkin To Direct Don Winslow’s The Winter Of Frankie Machine

Mike Fleming Jr of Deadline Hollywood is reporting that William Friedkin will direct The Winter Of Frankie Machine, an adaptation of the 2007 Don Winslow novel. Winslow, who also wrote the novel Savages, which was adapted to screen by Oliver Stone in 2012, finds another one of his novels in the Hollywoodland in a matter of weeks after his latest release, The Cartel, was optioned by Fox with Ridley Scott aboard to direct and Leonardo DiCaprio to possibly star.

Friedkin, who was part of Matthew McConaughey’s acting renaissance when he directed the star in Killer Joe, is looking to achieve the same down and dirty vibe at a low cost (try less than $10 million).

The story of The Winter of Frankie Machine centers on Frank Machianno, a mob hitman who has retired to run a bait shop. Frankie goes from retired to active when his agreement to help to resolve a dispute involving the son of a mob boss and another Mafioso finds him set up to be killed.

Friedkin has said he likes either Walton Goggins (“Justified,” “The Shield”) or Matthew McConaughey to star as Frankie.

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