Breaking Box Office News: Fantastic Four 2015 Film Earns Under $3 Million For Thursday Evening. Weekend Box Office Predictions Lowered?

The Fantastic Four 2015 film reboot has been getting mixed reviews, well I’m being kind as the reviews have been terrible, and it opened in movie theaters Thursday evening with official and wider kick-off today August 7, 2015.

The film cost $120 million to make and, despite reviews, was pegged to pull in $45 million in North America over the weekend and score the #1 spot from a light field of films. However, that $45 million would still be less than the previous two Fantastic Four movies opening week box office (not even adjusted for inflation).

With the tepid $2.7 million start to the weekend on Thursday evening, the weekend box office predictions for the Fantastic Four 2015 film reboot will be reevaluated by experts once the Friday box numbers start rolling in. How the negative reviews play into moviegoer choices remains to be seen.

UPDATEThe FF 2015 film is reportedly bombing on Friday showings and experts have downgraded the weekend box prediction significantly. More here.

The film is a darker movie reboot of the early 2000s film version; this time based on the hipper more edgy Ultimate Comics’ Fantastic Four from Marvel Comics; an Ultimate Comics line of books coming to an end in the pages of Marvel’s Secret Wars 2015 event.

I make up my own mind about movies; I’ve seen movies panned in reviews and enjoyed them in some cases and in other cases I agreed. I’ll be seeing this movie next week as I rarely see big box office films on their weekend release.

Plus, the absence of the movie’s post credit scenes doesn’t help when fans expect that sort of thing from super-hero films.

Ultimate Comics Fantastic Four end

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Source: Forbes