Breaking Box Office News: Fantastic Four 2015 Reboot Movie Bombing On Friday Box Office! Film To Struggle To Achieve $30 Million Opening Weekend!

The Fantastic Four 2015 reboot movie has had resoundingly terrible reviews. Its Thursday evening film box office in North America was around $2.7 million and slow Friday box office figures have experts downgrading initial weekend box office predictions.

The Fantastic Four 2015 reboot film is now expected to struggle to achieve $30 million its opening weekend. This weekend box office prediction for the movie is down from earlier weekend prediction of $45 million. In either case, both are much lower than the previous two 2000’s era films without adjusting for inflation. Plus, the 2015 FF film cost more than each of the other two FF films; the 2015 version cost $120 million to make.

I still plan to see the film as I don’t let reviews determine what I want to see or not see, but could the Fantastic Four 2015 have been killed, if it bombs this weekend as expected, by social media reviews? Everyone is a reviewer nowadays.

If this poor FF 2015 movie showing comes to pass, a movie that was highly anticipated will now under-perform because moviegoers are making decisions on what to see based on what other people have written? Will this see a resurgence in print and periodical film review or just more on social media and sites like ours?

Oh, and with no post credits scenes or mid-credits easter eggs, you can leave right after the film ends if you haven’t left in the middle of it. Yikes. Fox Studios fumbles FF 2015?

Interesting times.

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Source: Variety