Lucha Underground’s Season Finale Ultima Lucha Review …… (Vampiro, Johnny Mundo, Alberto El Patron)




Hey everyone, Grainbelt here for a bitter sweet review of Ultima Lucha, the Lucha Underground season finale. This came up really really fast, and its hard to fathom we’ve been chatting it up about once a week for the duration of the season, and I hope we can continue these chats on the off season as well. First let’s go over the deluxe show, and we will go from there later.


Johnny Mundo VS Albert El Patron

Well, they decided to kick things off right, the first 2 in the temple are Johnny Mundo, and Alberto El Patron. The build to this match has been solid, and I thought it was an awesome idea to have the most over wrestler in the company Alberto start this show off. The last few times he has come out the crowd has erupted and that’s going to give us a good vibe to hype us up for the show. Now as far as the match goes it went as expected in the beginning with Mundo playing coward, personally I wasn’t a huge fan of the cat and mouse game by Mundo but I understand him building the heat. After avoiding the AAA champion for a bit Alberto finally catches up to him and we kick things off. The big heel spot for Mundo comes when he crawls under the ring to escape but when Patron tries to cut him off on the other side, Mundo throws sand he collected from under the ring in Alberto’s eyes. This allows Mundo to continue his beat down as they battle it out on the outskirts of the ring. Both guys did well mixing it up with nice technical skill and stiff work style. Alberto actually got bruised up like he was in a street fight in this one, also shedding some blood from the nose area, there were even some points as though their match was looking like a shoot with how stiff they were working. Something that really stood out to me was how well each wrestler kicking out of the other’s finish meant something later in the match. With either wrestler not having anyone cleanly kick out of their finishers all season it really solidified how important this is, and how much these guys really put it on the line in kayfabe. The shocker for this match was the appearance, and interference from Melina…. Yes Melina is involved with the finish. The ref takes a bump allowing for Melina to come down and help Mundo secure the victory, leaving everyone in shock and me too. The funny thing is I marked out a bit for Melina, not because I was happy but more so really? It was a funny element that made everything worth it and I must say, well play Lucha Underground, I got worked….


Winner = Johnny Mundo

Once the match is over Patron goes Ape shit and begins beating the crap out of Mundo. To put his stamp on the situation he grabs Mundo and throws him thru the glass on one of the doors and it looked like he cut the crap out of Mundo for real. There was blood pouring everywhere as Melina clutches her man in her bosom shielding him from the rathe that is El Patron.

lotus teacher

Next we have a vignette with Dario Cueto and black Lotus. It seems Lotus’s teacher made it to her cell and was prepared to rescue his student. Cueto then pops up and turns the tables by informing her teacher he broke an ancient creed by entering his temple. Cueto threatens death which is the punishment for the infraction and at this point Lotus’s teacher is ready for battle showing little fear of facing Cueto. With a smile Cueto informs him that he need not do anything as Black Lotus grabs her teach from through the bars of the cell and begins to choke him out. After Cueto taunts him, with a nod he gives Lotus the que and she in true Kung Fu fashion hits a palm thrust strike to her teacher’s spine, seemingly killing him in the process. After her teachers demise Lotus is prepared to leave but Cueto reminds her of the severity of the situation, stating he is the only one who can protect her now and that her actions have started a war. Once they agree, they gather up Cueto’s caged brother (we still don’t see him) and leave the scene in a hurry.


Vampiro VS Pentagon Jr.

Its now time for the most anticipated match of the night in my opinion. Honestly I must say I am more in to Vampiro now than I ever was when he was actively wrestling. After Jr. enters Vamp comes down in a sick purple and black pope robe and hat. It looks really sick as he stumbled down to the ring with a lamp on a chain of sorts and his full robe get up. Once the match begins they waste no time fighting in the crowd and around the temple. As expected this wasn’t a lot of in ring work, and was a lot of a street fighting kind of match which really worked. I liked how they used a lot of strikes and interacted with the crowd to break this thing up and to give a feel that more was happening then it really was. They also utilized the gimmick injury by having Vampiro take a sick bump on the concrete floor. Once he takes the hard bump Jr begins beating him senseless with a steal chair and finally the ref looks as though he is calling an end to the match. The ref even sold it by doing the X symbol and they add dramatic effect by going to a commercial as they wheel Vamp out in a stretcher. After the commercial ended Vamp gets out of the stretcher and it seems he is on auto pilot as he staggers to the ring to continue this bought. This match gets crazy as we continue, Vampiro brings out the thumb tacts and Jr also adds the florissant light bulbs to the mix, and color begins to invade the match. For the rest of the match both wrestlers are taking sick bumps on tacts and bulbs and this continues to be an all out bloody war. This had some of the elements of a classic ECW hardcore match and we see both guys really giving the pain. Vampiro takes it a step further by ripping the mask of Jr giving him the ultimate disrespect as he continues his tirade. Moving into the finish Vampiro brings out a table and lights it on fire, bringing it back to when Jr threatened to burn him alive if he didn’t take the match, even though Vampiro sets up the table he is ultimately the one who gets Rock bottomed thru the table and burned. This allows for Jr to get the cover and the win.


Winner = Pentagon Jr.

The end of this was awesome and I was not shocked with what transpired next. After he lost Vampiro forces Jr to break his arm and sacrifices himself to Jr and his master. After he sells the injury he rises and confesses that he has been Jr’s master this entire time, and that now Jr is ready for the future. They both pose in the ring and it looks like Vampiro is now linked with Jr going forward. Vamp even referred to Jr as his son, and it seems from now on these two will continue as an act together. I get a Sith Lord feel form this, and I freaking LOVE It……

This was a sweet turn of events. I must say I kind of did see this coming however Lucha did a good job of making it seem that would be too obvious. It was a sweet turn of events regarless and I really hope Vampiro and Jr will continue together for next season. Hell I think having Jr pursue the gift of the gods title next season will be awesome. This alone makes me want a second season because I really want to see where this thing would go and how they will have Vamp and Jr evolve.

Speaking of the gift of the gods title, that match is next….


King Cuerno VS Jack Evans VS Sexy Star VS Bangala VS Aerostar VS Big Ryck VS Fenix

So this was a bit sloppy in the beginning but they picked it up by the end. I think this was more of so many people in the ring all with clashing styles. Cuerno saved this match for me because he is clearly one for the best tacticians in the game, and its clear he can work everyone. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cuerno knew everyones spots better than they did and he is for sure the best guy out there calling on the fly. As you can imagine Evans did a lot of bumping around in this one and he made Ryck look pretty good when he Evans allowed him to toss him straight out of the ring and planting his back on the outside area. Aerostar also did his part by hitting some nice spots, and hitting a HUGE dive from 2 stories up and landing on a bunch of other wrestlers below. Sexy Star also did her thing but surprisingly she took a lot of punishment. Star and Ryck happen to be the only 2 in the ring as daivari comes out of no where and strikes Ryck with a chair taking him off guard and allowing the other wrestlers to take Ryck out. Bangala didn’t really do anything too amazing but he also hit some nice spots and was able to keep this match moving. I know I said this already but Cuerno was by far the best and my favorite. He nailed Bangala with his arrow dive, and plowed thru him like it was nothing. Unfortunately the numbers game catches up to Cuerno and he is taken out of the picture. I should also note that Marty the Moth also tried to get involved in this match trying to sabotage Sexy Star, but he ultimately fails. The finish comes when Evans and Fenix are alone in the ring, and Fenix hits the Fire Driver on Evans getting the 3 count.

Winner = Fenix (Yawn)

Well I called it kind of. I mentioned last week that I thought it would make sense for Fenix to win this match and the gift of the Gods title. With the history between him and Mil Muertes (which now I know for sure he will win the title, thanks Fenix)  it is clear it will give us some dramatics moving forward. As I stated now I am 100% sure Mil Muertes is winning the tittle, just need to wait and see how it goes down. I like Fenix, I just feel he had a lot of time this season and I was hoping for someone else, like my boy Cuerno to get this title. I will say there is a chance he could get it because I am sure Cuerno will be the first person feuding with Fenix over the gods title.

Next up it is the battle over Mexico when Texano faces Blue Demon Jr.


Texano VS Blue Demon

This ended up being a shorter match. I knew there would be a big gimmick involved because it was announced it was a no disqualification match early. I like how they are really heeling up Demon by emphasizing he lives in Florida now and they are making it seem he has sold out, it was a nice touch. It didn’t take much but Demon began to take a beating from the younger wrestler early proving Texano is too much for the veteran. Demon did a lot of the bumping around as the youngest and longest ever reigning AAA champion began to beat Demon at every turn. The Crew who were accompanying Demon now begin to jumping in and they stomp Texano down to the ground angered by him beating on their leader. Surrounded by his foes Texano is in the center of the ring as Chavo enters the mix with a steal chair and after a stand off he enters the fray and joins in beating down Texano. After they all show that they are now aligned Demon Jr pounds on Texano and pins him for the 3 count extending this feud into next season. I called Chavo entering into this thing some how, but I personally thought he would lay out everyone. The cool thing is they leave this open for next season, but honestly it was nothing too special. I can’t really speak for Demon Jr and what he could have been capable of if this match continued, but I have a feeling they decided to play it safe and save time for the main event by ending this here. Decent little situation that didn’t take too much time, nice touch….

Winner = Blue Demon Jr.

Finally the Main Event

lucha title

Well everyone this is it, the final match of the season……

Prince Puma VS Mil Muertes

Muertes wastes no time and begins this match slugging it out, they distract us well by taking this match to the outside early. Commentary mentions that Cueto has ordered there to be a finish in this match so basically making this anything goes. The wrestlers show us this by taking the brawl to the crowd and they continue going back and forth among the crowd. Muertes also continues to slam Puma into the barricades and continues to use his environment as a weapon, capping it off by parting the crowd and throwing Puma into the wooden chairs the fans had once sat on. Another big spot comes when Muertes grabs the steps and power bombs Puma square on top of them, this was stiff and I ended up shuttering seeing poor Puma take the bump. The story is that Puma is just no match for the power and devious nature of Mil Muertes. As the match goes forward Puma continues to try and defy the odds by over coming the man of 100 deaths that is Muertes. Just when we think Puma is going to turn the ties and attempts a dive on Muertes, Muertes grabs a chair that was laying on the floor and strikes Puma in the head and sends him crashing down to the floor. Even after all the punishment commentary is still trying to put over the Champion as having the most heart in the business and we see Puma show this as the match continues. Puma gets in some nice offense and even hits a GTS on Mil as well as using his speed to allow Muertes to hurt himself with his own objects he placed to trap Puma. The chaining in this match was great, with Puma being so quick and knowledgable of the ring and where he is at all times, he used that so well striking from many places, and giving us unique offense.


Even with Muertes having the power advantage we do get to see a few feats of strength from the champion as he dead lifts Muertes and dragon suplexes him down to the mat. After seeing Puma flex his strength a low chant of Suplex city is heard as the champ goes for the cover but to no avail. As the match begins to wind down Muertes starts using that stiff right hand to continue to break up Puma’s offense and he uses this to set up Puma as he spears him out of the ring to the outside area and onto a table. Since they only hit the corner of the table, Muertes recovers by power bombing him down on the remaining section of the table busting it into pieces. Now the story becomes even though Muertes is tiering and taking his own abuse, Catrina is still holding that stone and it begins to come into play here. I see my thoughts are coming into reality and even though Puma hits his 630 swanton on Muertes I know its only a matter of time before Puma see’s his demise. Just as I thought Catrina continues to help Muertes with the stone and he drops Puma with a nice flat liner, however Puma also kicks out of Muertes’s finish extending this match that much longer. After they continue to go back an forth the finish finally comes when Muertes counters an attempts from Puma and flat liners him off the top rope for the 3, ending Puma’s time as Lucha Underground Champion.


Winner = Mil Muertes

As we leave the temple, we see Mil Muertes, Catrina, and the Disciples Of Death, all stand tall in the middle of the ring as the dominant faction. It seems that the evil has all the gold and as I said before this was a clear tactic to add drama for next season, sitting here I am happy and proud I stuck around until the end and I can only hope we can do this again next season. Now the show was amazing but it was the video package at the end of the show, that really stole the spot light.

We first see Dario Cueto as he is frantically packing his things with Black Lotus. They gather all the money and as much as they can carry as Cueto states tough times are ahead. Once everything is gathered they make a dash to Cueto’s truck and they drive off towing his brother behind him, it is here we get the first glimpse of Cueto’s brother, a all black evil looking mask that goes by in passing as we see his head in the window.


Once we see Cueto leave we get packages of the main roster giving us more anticipation for next season…

– We see Fenix leave in his car, and it looks as though King Cuerno is tailing the Gift of the gods champion.

– We then see Marty the Moth who has captured Sexy Star, he has her bound and gagged in a dark room and he states he can’t wait for her to meet his sister as his laughs creepily.

– Havok is seen bidding fair well to Angelico, stating they will get the trio’s titles back, Angelico nods and drives off on his bike. Ivelisse then heads to her bike and Havok proposes one more ride for them 2, Ivelisse tells him to shut up and get on the bike as they speed off into the distance and their dysfunctional ever after.

– Drago and AeroStar oblige each other with a handshake and we see Batman, I mean Drago disappears in flames much like he did earlier in the season. Aerostar then waits a moment and walks through the area Drago once was and disappears himself, this time into electricity that looks like stars.

– The best one by far is Pentagon Jr and Vampiro. They are in like a dream world dimension and Pentagon asks where are they going now. Vampiro all dressed in his robes and make up straight looking like a Sith Lord replies with, ” to a dark place”. They then disappear into a cloud of smoke…

– We then see a mysterious figure put on the mask of Lotus’s master. I think it was the guy from last week that had the quick kung fu scuffle with him outside the temple. He simply looks at the Lucha Underground sign and spray paints a question mark over it.

– The final scene is of Dario Cueto as he stares at us as he moves through out the entrance of temple, the lights are shutting down around him and they add this red effect making Dario look devilish, once he has exited the temple the screen goes black and we see to be continued……


Show ends….

Wow there you have it everyone, the last show of the season. I kept this one more about the finale and I kept it a little vague on purpose because I want you guys to check it out. Next week I will go a bit more in depth and I will also add some comments on the season as a whole. I will also have some words about commentary for the finale, and I can be honest and say i didn’t like it. I think I was too attached to Vamp and Striker, and the new guy just messed up the flow and I just didn’t like his style, but I digress, more on this next week. I also have other plans of doing some other columns and opinion articles on the state of wrestling as news comes at us so keep posted on that. Well everyone thanks for riding this out with me, and I hope we can do it again next season. Until next week I am…..

– Grainbelt Jones



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