UPDATE: Breaking Box Office News: Fantastic Four 2015 Reboot Film’s Sunday Domestic & International Movie Results UNDER Weekend Predictions!


While the Fantastic Four 2015 film bombed in North America with a $26.2 million weekend opening, it also bombed internationally with $34.1 million in earnings. In both markets it was bested for #1 spot by the second weekend of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. This is a terrible showing for Fantastic Four which cost over $120 million to make!


Wow. What a wild weekend for comics fans and super-hero genre movie fans. The story or train wreck that couldn’t be avoided this weekend was the absolute and abject failure of Marvel and Fox’s Fantastic Four 2015 film reboot. There are several important reasons for the movie tanking and it is universally agreed that the result of this failure has big fallout impact for Fox and Marvel.

The $120 million dollar film went from being forecast to make $45 million in its opening weekend and taking the #1 spot from a weak weekend, to not even making anywhere close to that in the final box office actuals for North America and letting the #1 spot slip to a movie in its second week! Plus, the film didn’t even have a post-credits scene that are now expected by moviegoers from super-hero genre films.

The Fantastic Four 2015 movie reboot started off poorly this weekend with horrible Thursday receipts, even more depressing Friday box office, with disappointing Saturday receipts leading to a lowered prediction / expectation / forecast of a weekend box office of $27 million.

Well, Saturday came in under what was expected and Sunday is off to a dismal start and it looks like the Fantastic Four 2015 reboot film will gross just over $26 million its opening weekend, around $1 million less than its already downgraded forecast, and it will be beat for the #1 box office spot by Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’s second weekend offering by $3 million as MI is expected to pull in $29 million this weekend.

This outcome is far, far, far lower than the debut weekends for the previous two FF films of the 2000s which did significantly better not even adjusting for inflation!

Stay tuned for the final-final box office numbers from our very own Travis Leamons on his regular Monday Box Office feature for Inside Pulse.

International box office receipts aren’t in yet, but they aren’t expected to be huge.

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