Secret Wars Declassified Week 13: Dynamic Dozen!! Fantastic Four’s Doom Makes A Surprise Appearance! The Guardians Make Their Presence Known!

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I will surmise that this particular week is the official halfway mark to this six-month event. I work on the assumption that the final SECRET WARS issue and/or tie-in, mini, one-shot ships Oct. 28th. There’s a Dirty Dozen this week!! Rather: let’s make that Dashing, Dazzling, Dynamic! Hero worship takes precedence in “Last Days”; Doom makes a surprise appearance in one of the “Battleworld” books; the Guardians of the Galaxy make their presence known in a trio of “Warzones” titles!


Ms. MARVEL #17 review spoilers 1

Ms. MARVEL #17

“Last Days, pt. 2” (20 pages) G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona, Ian Herring, VC’s Joe Caramagna

Kamala is simply gushing over Carol Danvers’ presence. She simply cannot contain her fangirl enthusiasm. There are more serious matters to address. After the awkward embrace and the compliment regarding the costume, Carol tells Kamala about the Incursion. Carol gives it to her straight: the Incursion cannot be stopped but how one deals with finality is what matters. Kamala asks Carol for an hour of her time. She wants to find her brother Aamir who’s been taken captive by evil ex Kamran. They run into a trio of looters who are told by Kamala to put their electrical skills to good use. Carol gives Kamala high praise: she has a good rep in the super-hero community and her efforts are getting top marks. They are sidestepped by a kindle of kittens. Carol has to give her a crash course in reality: not everyone or everything can be saved or spared. Plus, the saviour has to be in top shape to do more saving. Kaboom, one of Lineage’s goons, ambushes the duo. She is easily dispatched. She points the Marvels to Kamran’s pathetic ‘secret’ hideout. Aamir is found floating in green mist. Kamala is horrified.

Ms. MARVEL #17 review spoilers 2

Art imitates life in that every one of us is starstruck at some point in our lives. Be it an actor/actress, a singer, or a cosplayer taking on a real-life super-hero persona, the sternest of us will end up in a tizzy. Kamala is so new at the hero biz but she’s been tackling it full-on. Carol is never dismissive. She is extremely supportive. Kamala has to grow up even faster with the clock accelerating. The mystery of her brother’s possible Inhuman status creates more suspense given his helpless state. Adrian Alphona really stretches [natch!] his abilities via Kamala’s. Ms. Khan’s range of emotions is perfectly natural with the various situations in which she finds herself. I was hoping to see Carol in living colour rather than all grey. The situation is grave indeed for Captain Marvel to forgo the flashiness. [8/10]


 ULTIMATE END #4 review spoilers 1

ULTIMATE END #4 (of 5)

“” (22 pages) Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Bagley, Scott Hanna, Justin Ponsor, VC’s Cory Petit

The two Tony Starks are in hot water! The heroes from both universes want explanations, and fast! Faster than Cap figuring out their pathetic gambit. An army of Iron Men serves as a poor distraction. Fury wants the Hulk’s whereabouts. What’s even more important and cooler is that Punisher is on a one-man crusade against the heroes!!! What?!? His first target is Bombshell. He manages to graze her forehead. Cloak and Dagger arrive for back-up. Frank is beyond prepared, so much so that he is unfazed by Cloak’s darkforce and manages to hurt the boy. He throws a grenade at the trio before he vanishes. Ultimate Iron Man shows up and asks for assistance from the All-New Ultimates. Meanwhile, in Doomstadt…Valeria informs her ‘father’ of the two Starks’ discovery of a dimensional rift that could set things right. She also asks for swift execution due to heresy. Doom sits silently, then emphatically tells Valeria to let it slide. The two Tonys don’t see eye to eye (no surprise). Ultimate Tony wants to present their findings to Doom’s Science Foundation. Each side of the city takes a battle stance. Punisher sees this as the perfect opportunity to blast them all into oblivion. Doom wants the heroes to take out each other. Valeria keeps pushing. She inquires about unknown variables. Coincidentally, the last page shows Miles Morales swinging. He will be the key!!

Domain #19: Doomstadt – Howdy, neighbours!

ULTIMATE END #4 review spoilers 2

As pointed out by one of my colleagues, a major thing that stands out is the “S” drawing on the chalkboard in the Tonys’ lab. This is supposedly the sigil from CrossGen Comics (and respectively, its universe). Marvel attempted to re-launch Crossgen a few years back to lukewarm responses. I’m sure this discovery will be an integral part in re-setting the MU. Mark Bagley has outdone himself with the two-page full-spread of the warring factions. He also whets the appetite with the two half-page spreads of the Iron Men and both sides preparing for battle. The last page of Miles casually webbing his way through the city is a signal of his upcoming greatness. Doom’s presence here was unexpected but definitely an attention grabber! [8/10]




“” (20 pages) Peter David, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Nolan Woodard, VC’s Joe Sabino

The quest begins!! The rag-tag group of rebels, allied with their most hated enemy, seek the Destroyer armour to depose God Emperor Doom. To aid in their search, Ulik of Nornheim is sought. The let’s-trash-the-tavern trope is used. Hoder, the blind man and former Asgardian, is the one to relay that info to the Dystopians. Skooter is outraged that he is working with the Maestro. Ross tells Banner that they were never friends and never will be. He wants Doom to get rid of him. The begrudging brutes and company arrive at Nornheim. Ross wants to bail. He doesn’t want to incur Doom’s wrath. Maestro can fend for himself. Ulik makes his expected entrance. He and his trolls attack. Skooter doesn’t make it. His neck is snapped. Maestro pounds into Ulik like no tomorrow. The Master Troll still stands. He tells his troops to let the others seek audience with the Ancient One. The aforementioned elderly man seems unimpressed with the band’s arrival.

Domain #?: Norseheim

Domain #?: Nornheim

Mr. David is an absolute pro! This book has always shipped on time and semi-bi-weekly. There’s only one more issue left. The question is the ‘delay’ with the last issue of SECRET WARS being released in October. It would be truly epic to see Maestro (along with all the other big brawlers) strike at Doom. Victor is going to eat crow for a good long while. The twist on The Thing’s ID was great. The journey into Asgardian realms is a bit surprising but Mr. David planted those seeds with Maestro’s impersonation of Odin. More Ruby Summers! She’s the breakout star here!! Mr. Land’s art is picture perfect, especially the half-face portrait contrasting Ross and Banner. I don’t listen to the naysayers. The Rebels need to step up their game especially with Skooter biting the dust. [7/10]


SIEGE #2 review spoilers 1


“To Waste Their Lives Saving People Who Just Don’t Care? It’s the Only Thing They’ve Ever Wanted” (20 pages) Kieron Gillen, Filipe Andrade, Rachelle Rosenberg, VC’s Clayton Cowles as well as double-page spreads by Yasmine Putri; Kyle Strahm & Jesus Aburtov; In-Hyuk Lee

Abigail asks Leah to remain at her post for the upcoming end. Leah refuses. Her main mission is to find her one true love Illyana. Abby muses on how Illyana made an impact in her world of war. Abby thinks Leah’s mission is futile. Leah instructs her not to worry. She’s more formidable than she lets on. A fortnight passes. There are five days remaining. Kang tells Abby that the Hel-Rangers are MIA. She asks one of the Summers clones for a weapon. Scott-clone fires at her. Kang has to be spared. Kang mocks Summers. He wanted Abby to resist him. Scott-clone explains that Abby is off-kilter because of her friendship with Leah. While unconscious, Leah thinks back to the news of Hank McCoy’s demise and of the zombie horde. Kang sees potential in the rebellious clone. Ben Grimm brings news of Thanos. Leonardo tells the small group that Thanos is one of many Titans and that he’s putting together some kind of glove. Abby thinks back to her mentor Nick Fury. He gives her a simple strategy: use the Ultron robots as allies. Done! The final battle draws near. Ms. America and Lady Kate have a moment. America will protect her with her last breath and assures her that fear is healthy. In the distance, the threat that awaits is the former Nick Fury in what resembles Sentinel armour!!

Abigail Brand is more durable and resistant than The Wall she has sworn to protect. At least, from the exterior. Her humanity is just as fallible as anyone else’s. The survivors of war carry lasting scars that remain on the brain. I feel somewhat empathetic to the loss of her extremely closed circle of friends. Her heart hardened after the triple tragedy. I realize the importance of subplots and flashbacks but I find the scenes to be disjointed. The double-page spreads featuring guest artists continues. Brand’s war journal is chock-full of eye-popping battles. One new entry is The Unite (defected Ultrons, not defective). Will the Shield crumble or remain intact? [5/10]



RED SKULL #2 (of 3)

“Annihilation” (20 pages) Joshua Williamson, Luca Pizzari, Rainier Beredo, VC’s Clayton Cowles

Magneto matches wits with the scourge of the Deadlands. That’s what the bulk of the issue is about. To backtrack a bit, Skull mentions that Mags was the only one worthy of being spared. The two plod their way through the endless amount of zombies. Some things of note: (1) Skull picks up Cap’s original shield as a means of defense, (2) Mags has a flashback to Rogue’s death due to the Incursion, (3) Skull has made a Sentinel head his base and drinks Sentinel coolant to keep on ticking, (4) Mags tries to stab Skull but in vain. He is still de-powered. Moving on…Skull tells Maggie that he has a way of unlocking the inhibitor collar. Skull dispels the rumours, speculations, and hearsay about attempting to assassinate Doom. In truth, he wants to expose Doom’s false godhood and assumes Magneto is of the same mind. They journey to New Xandar, the domain of Annihilus!! Bargaining begins, bandying occurs, and the expected double-cross. Skull literally had the key to unlock the collar all along. He unleashes Magneto’s full fury. After the hissy fit, Mags agrees to side with two lesser evils. His powers are necessary to crack open the Shield. Skull is quite pleased.

Domain #40: New Xandar – Annihilus’ 1st appearance during this event!

Mr. Williamson has smartly dumped all the excess baggage. The only real major players here are the two (un)like-minded villains. Skull and Magneto were never ‘friends’ in the regular MU and for good reason! I recall their scuffle during Acts of Vengeance. Magneto is rightly restored to his glory. He just doesn’t work as a sniveling, moping, useless man. Skull purports to be a master strategist. I’d like to see him take on Doom solo. Mr. Pizzari does a frightfully great job in portraying the master of the insect army. Annihilus is creepy crawly to the extreme! Pat yourself on the back for that enormous THHOMMM, Mr. Cowles! [7/10]


INFINITY GAUNTLET #3 review spoilers 1


“” (20 pages) Dustin Weaver & Gerry Duggan, Dustin Weaver, Gerry Duggan, Rain Beredo, ComiCraft’s Albert Deschesne

Time and again, Thanos is bested by his other self. Thus, he travels back to rectify that situation. In an undetermined near future, Drax the Destroyer is less than pleased that the Mad Titan did not fall at his hands. He sports a Nova emblem and is determined to live up to his namesake. Thanos, against his rotten core, befriends the Bakian Clan. As a result, his trips to the past slightly alter events. He gives the Bakians a much-needed assist against the Bugs. Eve is highly suspicious. He voluntarily passes the Time Stone to her as an act of good faith. Star-Lord and Gamora are thrilled with their find. Their craft is taken down by the Nova family. Bartering is made. Quill gets three Nova stars for protection against the swarm. Gamora tells him that they will actually ally themselves with the Clan. The Time Stone has the insects frozen dead in their tracks. Eve has a vision of Adam Warlock while using the Mind Stone. Anwen asks her if it can resurrect the dead. No such luck. Thanos tries to recruit Anwen to the dark side by telling her familial bonds are weaknesses. The Gauntlet detects another stone. It is within a tree that happens to be Groot!! The poor thing is almost chopped to bits before cooler heads prevail. Thanos bides his time. He will regain the Gauntlet and exact death on all, starting with the talking tree :0

INFINITY GAUNTLET #3 review spoilers 2

Things are moving along at a good pace! Welcome aboard, Groot J Well done, Mssrs. Weaver & Duggan. Groot is the pleasant surprise in this issue. His actual arboreal appearance is spot-on before he takes a more humanoid appearance. Death does not suit Thanos. [8/10]


 GIANT-SIZE LITTLE MARVEL AvX #3 review spoilers 1


“” (20 pages) Skottie Young, Jean-François Beaulieu, Jeff Eckleberry

Tug-of-war between the two teams vying for Zach and Zoe’s membership/friendship!! First up, the X-Tree Mansion. Here is the whirlwind tour: (a) the 400 inch 6D TV, (b) Iceman’s roller coaster, (c) Colossus delivers a fastball special, (d) Beast’s lab, (e) the Danger Room. There was an unfortunate mishap at the lab. Zach and Zoe have been mutated. At Avengers Tree Mansion, Cap is musing that the twins were won over by the Danger Room. Serendipity must have heard him because the two crash through the wall. A magical car wash restores them to normal. The Avengers offer: (i) paintballing, (ii) a trip to Asgard, (iii) Cap’s mopey solo weight training, (iv) Spidey’s webs. Cooler than any trampoline! (v) the Iron Twinz, designed by Tony for Zach and Zoey to play with. Their VR session is a short one. The explosion causes the fraternal twins to fly high. They ‘jinx’ each other when they bump into Galactus and Thanos. Uh-oh!! They ponder over Galactus’ immensity. Thanos explains that there is a barrier preventing them from leaving Earth. Star-Lord is starry-eyed at the twins’ appearance and offers them membership into the Guardians of the Galaxy!!

GIANT-SIZE LITTLE MARVEL AvX #3 review spoilers 2

Mr. Young, your zany, loopy, infantile ideas are pure delight J The illustrations don’t hurt either ;-P How clever of you to present a third option to the double Z’s. Plus, real danger seems to be on its way for the colorfully pleasant Marville domain. I want to retrieve all my coloring books thanks to you, Mr. Beaulieu. As a high school teacher, the chalkboard puts my own calligraphy to shame, Mr. Eckleberry! [8/10]


 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN -- RENEW YOUR VOWS #3 review spoilers 1AMAZING SPIDER-MAN -- RENEW YOUR VOWS #3 review spoilers 2


“Calling a Family Meeting” (20 pages) Dan Slott; Adam Kubert; John Dell, Andrew Hennessey & Mark Morales; Justin Ponsor; VC’s Joe Caramagna

Out of all the heroes he has killed and whose powers he has absorbed, Regent needs Spider-Man’s most. There is something extraordinary in that radioactive spider-blood that will accomplish Regent’s great task. Spidey pays a visit to the Tinkerer. He wants outlawed, outdated inhibitor chips to shield his daughter’s powers from the Regent. The elderly inventor sees this as an opportunity to bring an end to the arachnid. He presses a silent alarm that brings the Sinister Six on to the scene in split seconds. Doc Ock is the first (and only) casualty in this skirmish. Spidey tears his arms apart not knowing and not caring that they are part of his actual body. Shocker is shocked, to say the least. Spidey is long gone by the time the others arrive but Kraven assures them the prey will be found because he is a father trying to protect his child. MJ gives Annie a brief recap of Peter’s life story and his amazing abilities. She grosses out her daughter a bit with the comment about the skin tight suit and tells a white lie about Spider-Man never having experienced any losses. Peter tinkers with the inhibitor and gets it to work. Regent makes a public broadcast for mandatory screening at PS 122. The school is the former Avengers Mansion. The Parkers pass through the detector undetected. It goes off immediately after. It’s not Annie *phew* It’s a boy named Lewis who casts energy. He panics as the Six zero in on him. Peter is hesitant about acting until his daughter questions his heroism. Mysterio starts to view the security footage while Spidey brawls with his teammates. The crowd is in awe that Spider-Man is back in black! Annie wants to help but MJ will have none of it. She doesn’t want to be the mother that endangers her daughter. Two guards overhear their conversation and snatch them. Spidey spots this as Kraven has him in a bear hug with Shocker and Vulture closing in.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN -- RENEW YOUR VOWS #3 review spoilers 3

Enough hype has been given about the ‘controversy’ of this series. Quite honestly, I just don’t see it. I’m well aware of the ‘outrageous’ things Peter/Spider-Man did in the previous issues but he is imperfectly human, like the rest of us. He is a man that takes his fatherly duties seriously. He may not live up to everyone’s standards but he is desperate and living in a totalitarian world where extreme measures must be taken. Therefore, is it really a crying shame that Venom has been snuffed? I doubt it! The same applies to Dr. Octopus. When you embrace evil, you must deal with the consequences. Hobgoblin astutely remarks that times are different. He most likely admires Spider-Man’s dark turn. Ock’s dismembering is truly distressing. Annie and MJ’s bedtime story is quite touching. These are the best scenes, Mr. Kubert! [7.5/10]

 CIVIL WAR #2 review spoilers 1CIVIL WAR #2 review spoilers 3


“” (20 pages) Charles Soule, Leinil Francis Yu, Gerry Alanguilan, Sunny Gho, Joe Sabino

When two disparate individuals have made up their minds and one of them has decided to pick a fight, there’s no going back. Storm intercepts a drone sent by Stark to investigate the shooting. The weather-witch easily renders it asunder and delivers the pieces to Steeltown for Colossus to use as scrap metal. Piotr asks Ororo to take the ‘brain’ to General Rogers for further analysis. Bucky Barnes is giving Stark a sit-rep when a giant rock attempts to crash through his HQ at Resilient Alpha. It is a poorly executed scare tactic. The inscribed “Next time it’s a Hulk!” is a fake-out since The Blue has no Hulks. This gives Tony an idea. He summons his own (She-)Hulk: Jennifer Walters, who also happens to be his paramour. Peter tries to convince Steve to stand down. Steve won’t budge. Tony shows Jen a timeline of events. They are being played for fools even though they cannot determine the ID of the puppet master nor the sniper. At the Beast’s lab, Dr. Henry McCoy is successful at resurrecting Flint Marko sans his Sandman powers. It is a pleasant result of project Bellcurve. It was a one-time thing. The necessary power source to continue is in The Iron, of course. Peter volunteers to take a small team with him to retrieve more. She-Hulk will be the investigator for President Stark. Peter’s team (Agent Venom, Black Panther, Elektra) has one woman down when Elektra is zapped by an Iron Sentinel. Tony tells Jen that his theory about the possibility that their existence is unreal. Jen goes undercover. She arrives at Steeltown as biker chick Angie Walker. Getting through security was a breeze but Professor X will perform his own scan!!

CIVIL WAR #2 review spoilers 2ACIVIL WAR #2 review spoilers 2B

The philosophical debate of last issue clearly showed that two opposing forces cannot find any common ground. As with all the other Secret Wars ancillary titles, variations on a theme prevail. Thus, it shouldn’t be that outrageous that a war veteran (Steve Rogers, with the rank of General) be ready, willing, and able to take up arms. He was bred to be a soldier and will remain so until his last breath. Tony, the weapons master, seeks peace. That much stays true to his 616 counterpart. Either way, both men represent ironical contrasts of the other. I would not have recognized Elektra at all had it not been for her name dropping. Jen’s holo disguise is ultra-hot. Storm has nothing on her! Way to go, Mr. Yu!! The X-Universe is being brought into the coming conflict. You are a sly one, Mr. Soule. [7.5/10]

 AGE of APOCALYPSE #2 review spoilers 1


“Mutually Assured Destruction” (20 pages) Fabian Nicieza, Gerardo Sandoval, David Curiel, VC’s Clayton Cowles

Cypher is a bargaining chip, whether he wants to be or not. His power set is invaluable to either side. His eyes tell him of the stark reality that the X-Men are not as heroic as others have made them out to be. Survival brings out the worst in the whole lot – E.M.F., Horsemen, Apocalypse. Scott is taken down by Emma’s psychic blast. The others fight on. Peter Corbeau offers to help Cyke much to Carol Danvers’ surprise. Peter realizes that Carol set up the conflict. She refuses to wait for Apocalypse to raze them all. Blink grabs Cypher and brings him to Magneto and his merry mutants. Beast and Dr. Nemesis experiment on Nightcrawler. Nemesis muses on using their own kind to further advancement and to ignore the lesser species that is human. Sabretooth and Wild Child pay a visit to Warren in Heaven, an exclusive private club. Sabretooth wants to know why the E.M.F. were ambushed. He issues a double ultimatum: extending Angel’s lifespan and keeping his business afloat. Wolverine and Cyclops have a tense conversation. Logan swears vengeance. Scott regrets not taking off his left hand. Cypher sees the truth behind Magneto’s words. The X-Men have no hope of ever winning. Magneto wants Doug to convince the Horsemen to have Apocalypse surrender to prevent planet-wide genocide. Sabretooth has something to share with Sheriff Danvers. Abyss and Sinister are told by Apocalypse to stand ready in the final conflict between homo superior and lowly humans.

AGE of APOCALYPSE #2 review spoilers 2

This domain cannot be any darker. Mr. Nicieza cuts to the core. No one is safe. No one gets out alive. Everything ends. This should be the actual outcome of SECRET WARS! Doug Ramsey could be a red herring. Mr. Nicieza is taunting readers by using the blue-eyed blond-haired boy as an emissary of hope. Apocalypse should triumph since historians have named this era after him. The over-sized proportions on the blue-faced baron as well as other meanies like Sabretooth and Wolverine don’t catch my eye. Mr. Sandoval draws inspiration from Chris Bachalo and Humberto Ramos. These men are giants in the multi-sided war. I had not noticed Carol’s split mask in the first issue, assuming that her cap covered her eyes. Any eagle-eyed fan will now she has a bit of Ms. Marvel in her. What part will the Angel play? Will he remain aloof and aloft as things go down? [7/10]


 GUARDIANS of KNOWHERE #2 review spoilers 1


“” (20 pages) Brian Michael Bendis, Mike Deodato, Frank Martin, VC’s Cory Petit

Yotat, the Destroyer of the Destroyer! Who?? Isn’t that a bit redundant?? Six pages are dedicated to his origin to get us readers up to speed. He was a two-bit thief who showed the wrong guy a stash of the Collector’s collectibles. He ended up being shot and left for dead. The cosmic storm lashing through Knowhere changed him. Rocket is the first to come across Yotat. The newly transformed man gets his revenge on Giogo easily enough. Yotat offers Rocket a place in the underworld. Rocket cannot engage in criminal activities. He shots Yotat in the crotch. Drax comes in for a timely save. He pounds the snot out of the bruiser. The Nova Corps cut in on the fun. Yotat has a new target in mind: Drax. Fast forward to now – Mantis, Gamora, Drax, and Rocket valiantly fight in vain. Yotat slays Mantis!! He utters his rise in status. He is the embodiment of Knowhere.

Swift justice: Agent Venom, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Iron Man, Moondragon, Nova (Sam Alexander), Warlock (Adam). They are the Nova Corps!

GUARDIANS of KNOWHERE #2 review spoilers 2

Yotat sounds like a lame name but this guy is major contender and serious threat! He should already have an official entry in the Marvel Wikia! His ruthlessness will not end until Drax lies dead at his feet. The fast-paced action is characteristic of this man-done-wrong’s pursuit. I’ll always be an admirer of Mr. Deodato’s art. His hyper-realistic renditions of faces and bodies is a cut above many others. The spacecraft coincidentally(?) resemble the X-34 landspeeder flown by Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: A New Hope. [8/10]

 SPIDER-ISLAND #2 review spoilers 1


“You Say You Want Evolution” (15 pages) Christos Gage, Paco Diaz, Frank D’Armata, Travis Lanham

New allies Cap-Wolf, vampire Captain Marvel, and Lizard-Hulk turn the odds in favour of Agent Venom and his trusted twosome. The sextet manage to take down Iron Man. They douse Tony Stark with Norman Osborn’s goblin formula. Three guesses what comes next. The seven make a hasty retreat as endless arachnoids come back for more. Flash gives Steve his most prized possession: his shield. Jess takes care of Carol’s bloodlust. Tony, ever the inventor, premieres his latest and greatest – the Iron Goblin armour! Captain America gives Corporal Flash Thompson command of the mission. They will strike the A.I.M. base housing the Spider-Queen and her enhanced bodyguards. Venom and Vision infiltrate the lab easily enough while the others fend off against Abomination, Black Panther, Giant-Man and M.O.D.O.K. Vision inquires about Venom’s use for Stegron, the Dinsoaur Man. His unique genetic makeup will prove crucial in undoing the Spider-virus. Vision finds the ‘package’ and sets off an alarm to get Venom’s attention — it is none other than Spider-Man in stasis!! Flash is flabbergasted that his number one idol is really Peter Parker, the boy he used to bully :0

I feel that we readers were gypped a bit at the lower page content. I firmly believe this should have been a full twenty pages with the secondary story remaining at five. Either way, the head-turners here are Iron Goblin and Spider-Man’s status. There is hope after all. Woot woot!! I never fully analyze a story when reading for entertainment. Mr. Gage, you definitely threw me for a loop 😉 Mr. Diaz, you get an A for designing that Goblin armour!! It’s freakishly fantastic! [8/10]

 SPIDER-ISLAND #2 review spoilers 2

“Avengers at the Gate!” (5 pages) Tom DeFalco & Ron Frenz, Sal Buscema, Andrew Crossley, Travis Lanham

Spider-Girl Woman is hopelessly outnumbered against Stinger and the Dream Team. The truth is unraveled fairly quickly: the heroes are all under Enthralla’s spell! Big Man makes a convincing argument to the Avengers to rescue his daughter. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes arrive on the scene. American Dream tells them to back off. J2 is the only one capable of seeing Enthralla. At that remark, Mayday sees J2 as Dæmos and leaps at him, vowing his death!

There are short stories and there are short stories. This one left me wanting more L I take back my previous comment. This tale should have been double-sized (ten pages). I barely got my lips wet with this one. I read scant stories from the MC2 Universe but never fully invested in it. It’s a testament that SPIDER-GIRL’s original creative team still collaborate J I was curious about Enthralla. Marvel Wikia tells me what I need to know: she is Mastermind’s niece. She only had three brief appearances. Until now! Katie Power (Energize) deliberately looks like Firestar. Enthralla is a cross between Enchantress and Magneto. Alluring!! [8/10]

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