WWE.com Monday Night Raw 08/10/2015 Fallout: Exclusive Daniel Bryan Backstage Promo, Bellas, Rusev

Check out some of these fallout videos from after WWE Monday Night Raw went off the air on August 10, 2015!

The Bellas remain the team to beat: Raw Fallout, Aug. 10, 2015

Following their win tonight on Raw, The Bellas discuss tonight’s announcement of a Divas Three Team Elimination Match at SummerSlam against Team B.A.D. and PCB.

Daniel Bryan returns to Raw: Raw Fallout, Aug. 10, 2015

After pushing The Miz tonight on Raw, Daniel Bryan talks about his return in his home state of Washington and the potential fallout from his involvement on “Miz TV” on tomorrow night’s Tough Enough.

Rusev & Lana make a statement: Raw Fallout, August 10, 2015

Rusev claims his legacy will last for thousands of years.