10 Thoughts on… WWE Monday Night Raw 08.10.2015 (Rollins vs. Orton, Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper)


10 Thoughts on… WWE Monday Night Raw for August 10, 2015

1) Bella’s vs Team BAD was good any time Sasha Banks was in the ring, but even a the Boss can’t carry that much dead weight to an entertaining match.

2) New Day vs Los Matadores uninspiring, as I can’t bring myself to care about either team.

3) The triple threat with Cesaro and Owens was probably the most entertaining match Orton has been in lately, but the indie guys did most of the heavy lifting. It’s always nice when they give a match on Raw the time to breathe. Great match despite the fact that the person I care least about won…

4) Nice Lesnar / Taker package, although Taker is looking more like a senior citizen every day.

5) Ambrose vs Harper was decent but nothing we haven’t seen before, and the Wyatts vs the Shield 2.0 (or is it 3.0) just isn’t as exciting as the first time around.

6) Miz TV shows how over Bryan continues to be, although the check shirt makes him look like a younger and thinner version of Mick Foley.

7) Ryback is back, and I can’t tell if his freakishly huge thighs are due to infection or healthy eating and good genes. Or, you know, steroids. Whatever, good luck to the big guy. He’s getting more entertaining as he gets older, and if he’s going to injure anyone with his alleged clumsiness. I’d rather it be the Big Show and the Miz rather than someone I actually care about.

8) Mark Henry vs Rusev’s love life was the definition of filler. Does anyone actually care about this any more?

9) King Barrett vs Neville made the King look like an absolute jobber before the inevitable Stardust / Green Arrow shenanigans. If I can say one thing for Steven Amell, he knows how to get into the ring. On the mic, not so much. He’s an actor, but he’s also a man. Lol.

10) Orton vs Rollins was shaping up to be a decent match until the Irish pirate (or whatever the fuck Shamus is supposed to be) interferes, and that’s it for the evening.


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