Paige Admits To Watching Herself on Total Divas, Would “Love To Have” A Divas Money in the Bank Match/Briefcase


Paige did a new interview talking Total Divas and Diva gimmick matches

On who she’s looking forward to hitting the most at SummerSlam: [Laughs] “Well, I really enjoy fighting with The Bellas and Sasha Banks. I’m always really happy dealing with Charlotte and Becky [Lynch]. I definitely think we’re the most dominant team of the three. Basically, we’re able to showcase what we can do and with nine of us in the match, it could be awesome.”

On whether she watches herself on Total Divas: “I do watch myself. It’s real weird though because I’ll be doing Tough Enough live and then straight after Tough Enough isTotal Divas so I’m not home in time to watch it but I’ll record it and then watch it back but I always cringe watching myself. I’m just like “Oh my gosh, I really sound like that and act like that?” I’m like “I am such a shit” [laughs].

On her favorite rib: “I’m probably the ribber of the girls. My favorite one is the one I did to a guy…Titus [O’Neil]. I laugh at it now but at the time he was so mad at me. There’s like a little tickle stick. It gives you a little shock but it’s not bad. I took it and I was fine but I did it to him on the back of his leg and field goal kicked the camera guys [laughs] and he was screaming at me. We were screaming at each other for a second but it was really funny.”

On what’s more compelling to her: a Divas Tag Team title, Queen of the Ring or a Divas Money in the Bank: “Ooh. I would love to have a Divas Money in the Bank. That would be cool. I would love to have a Divas Hardcore championship. If we had a hardcore cage, we’ll just paint the cage pink or something and make it extra girly so it’s so like Diva. I feel like with the girls now, we’re able to have these matches especially like Money in the Bank like ladder matches and stuff if we wanted them, we could definitely get away with stuff like that so hopefully in the future we can have one of those championships.”