Pull List Roundtable 8/19/2015 – Justice League #43, Secret Wars, Star Wars #8, Archie #2, Island #2, Secret Six #5 & More (Spoilers)

Mike Maillaro

  • ARCHIE #2 – I was so happy that the Archie relaunch lived up to my very high expectations. There have been many times where I’ve seen big names take over a project that didn’t quite live up to the hype, but Waid and Staples were the perfect fit here. This was exactly what I was hoping for, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • MEGA MAN #52 – WORLDS UNITE has been a little slow at times, but it’s been a fun ride seeing all the Capcom and Sega heroes and villains working together. With Mega Man going on hiatus, I am really hoping for some kind of anthology featuring many of the characters that appeared in WORLDS UNITE. I would definitely be a customer for that.

  • ASTRO CITY #26 – In this 20th anniversary issue, Busiek revisits the very first issue of ASTRO CITY from 1995. That issue asked “What does Samaritan (a Superman homage) dream about?” It’s time to check back in with Samaritan and see how these dreams may have changed over the last 20 years. I have been a huge ASTRO CITY fan for a while. One the most consistently good comics I have ever read.

  • DOOMED #3 – The best work Lobdell has done in a real long time. This definitely is the perfect book for him to get his mojo back. I was disappointed by his work on RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS and TEEN TITANS, but he’s done a great job here. I was not expecting much from this one, but it has quickly become one of my favorite DC books.

  • GREEN LANTERN: THE LOST ARMY #3 – I had stopped reading GREEN LANTERN soon after New 52 started. It just felt like it was going through the motions. Every few months was another galaxy-shattering crossover. I was reminded a little of Morrison’s JLA towards the end, where the stories kept having to get bigger and bigger to top what came before them. For GREEN LANTERN, it was always “a threat from the Guardian’s past has returned and will now destroy everything. Unless the various color Lanterns can set aside their differences and unite. And of course they do. And we’ll be doing it again in six months.” LOST ARMY seems to be putting a slightly new spin on GREEN LANTERN, similar to the original LEGION LOST by Abnett and Lanning. So far, GREEN LANTERN: THE LOST ARMY has been a real solid book. It’s not one of my top books, but I still enjoy it.

  • ROBIN: SON OF BATMAN #3 – Seeing Damian working to redeem to the dark actions of his past has been a great new angle for the character. BATMAN AND ROBIN was one of my favorite comics, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one. It has been very different, but still very good.

  • SECRET SIX #5 – SECRET SIX has been so well-written, though it does tend to bounce around a lot. Some of that is likely because of the delayed release schedule. Last issue basically ignored the shock reveals we got at the end of issue 3, and I really suspect it is because the issues had to be released out of order. I hope we finally get some more answers on what is really going on here. Otherwise, like LOST, this book is going to start getting real frustrating real fast.

  • NEW VAMPIRELLA #13 – Nancy Collins has been amazing on VAMPIRELLA. It is a shame she’s wrapping up her run, but she seems on to bigger and better things. I wish her nothing but luck. Whatever her next project is, I will be there as a customer.
  • SWORDS OF SORROW: VAMPIRELLA/JENNIFER BLOOD #4 – Another Nancy Collins book. She not only writers a great Vampirella, but her Jennifer Blood is brilliant too. Definitely worth grabbing. SWORDS OF SORROW has been great, especially this mini.

  • STRANGE NATION – STRANGE NATION was a digital-first series Monkeybrain Comics put out. IDW is giving a print home (like they did with D4VE, another Monkeybrain series). STRANGE NATION tells the story of a disgraced journalist working on a supermarket tabloid, which puts her right in the heart of an alien conspiracy. I loved this series! BUY THIS!

  • SAVAGE DRAGON #206 – I have just gotten in to SAVAGE DRAGON in the last few months. Admittingly, it has been a little awkward to read lately. Malcolm Dragon has managed to impregnate his girlfriend, his stepsister, and another girl after an impromptu foursome. It almost feels like an after school special here! But aside from that, SAVAGE DRAGON is still a great superhero comic, and you have to give Larsen credit for writing and drawing every issue.

  • SECRET WARS – Another real big of SECRET WARS comics. A bunch of new titles like HOUSE OF M and HOWARD THE HUMAN. I am also looking forward to the next issues of 1872, AGE OF ULTRON VS MARVEL ZOMBIES, CAPTAIN BRITIAN AND THE MIGHTY DEFENDERS, SPIDER-VERSE, and WEIRDWORLD.

  • STAR WARS #8 – Issue 6 ended on a hell of a cliffhanger (HAN IS MARRIED?), but issue 7 told a flashback story about Obi-Wan on Tatooine. Typically that would annoy me, but the interlude was a terrific story. I was reminded of STARMAN’s Time Past issues…except this one was actually real good. But now, back to the main story. HAN, YOU SLUT!!

  • THE BLACKLIST #2 – The first issue was a real nice surprise. Licensed comics can be hit or miss. This was a very good one. It’s been great to see aspects of the characters the show didn’t get to spend much time on. If you like the show, you really need to buy this comic. Though I will warn you, the art on this comic isn’t that good.

  • BOOK OF DEATH #2 – Master Darque! Nuff said! Valiant’s most legendary villain is finally making his presence felt and it looks like the entire Valiant Universe might be in some serious trouble.


James Fulton

  • Black Canary #3 – The first two issues of this series were fun, and I love Annie Wu’s art. I feel like there will be some explanations of what’s been going on coming our way in this issue.

  • Hip-Hop Family Tree #1 – I’m excited about this book, but don‘t know yet if I’m going to buy it. I have no idea if this is a serialization of the graphic novels, or if this is all new material. I haven’t read the OGNs, aside from the last two FCBD offerings, but they are on the list of books I’d like to get one day. If this is new material, I’m down for it, and excited to read it.

  • Island #2 – The first issue of this new anthology series blew me away. It’s a big, beautiful book, with three comics stories. This issue features the continuation of Ludroe and Emma Rios’s stories, and a new story by Simon Roy. I’m curious to find out if the second issue will be as thick as the first, which was about a hundred oversized pages for only $8, all of them beautiful.

  • Rai #9 – It’s always good news when Rai comes back.

  • Star Wars #8 – I’m definitely ready to see what Stuart Immonen brings to the Star Wars universe. He’s got big shoes to fill, now that John Cassaday has left the book, but he’s a very versatile, and often surprising, artist.

John Babos

  • 7 books this week, my friends.

  • Book of Death #2 – Valiant’s summer event continues. Can this really be the end for some our faves?

  • Green Lantern: Lost Army #3 – Really enjoying this John Stewart / Guy Gardner led adventure. Great writing, great art, lots of compelling mysteries.

  • Ivar: Timewalker #8 – One of Valiant’s immortal Anni-Padda brothers remains in the spotlight. Loving this.

  • Justice League #43 – Darkseid War continues. It’s been amazing so far on story and art. New Gods and new characters alongside Darkseid, the Anti-Monitor and the JL. It’s an epic.

  • Secret Six #5 – After a several months delay, the book is back on track. Quirky and fun.

  • Superman / Wonder Woman #20 – The creative team is one of the best in the business; plus DC’s top 2 big guns. Last issue was amazing with the Suicide Squad. Curious how the follow-up happens. Superman vs. President Obama?

  • Wonder Woman #43 – What’s keeping me on this book is Donna Troy’s adventurer journey. Curious was to her place in the DC You.

Paul Miranda

  • ARCHIE #2
    Personally, I didn’t think a re-launch/reboot was necessary but the first issue had an ultra-hip modern vibe that flowed naturally. Mark Waid is an extremely versatile writer. His encyclopedic mind doesn’t hurt. Fiona Staples is severly under

    Black Mask Studios has been on my radar a bit more recently. This over-sized first issue is politically charged mixing conspiracy theories with some sci-fi. It’ll be a sell-out.

  • BIZARRO #3 (of 6)
    Big B and Jimmy O. all on their own! The Wild West is turned upside down when these two roll into town!!

    Road trip reloaded! D.D.’s band will learn to defend themselves while making the best music they can. Tensions build between the current lead singer and the former. I want to learn the identity of those ink-blot aliens and Curt Lance’s ‘resurrection’.

  • DR. FATE #3
    The flood is no metaphor! Anubis wants to transform our planet into Necropolis. Khalid is still learning new tricks. He has to speed up things even more to save his dad.

    What happened to the GLC? It’s only a matter of time before the happy reunion. First, plowing through the Rage Lanterns of which Guy is a former member. Drama at its best!

    One month is always too long to wait especially when these books are solicited two months ahead of time and ‘in the can’ waiting to be released. We all know why we’re salivating for this one: introducing the Bat-God!! Knowledge was his weapon but now, he’s omniscient and unstoppable!

    The penultimate prequel to the animated movie. The Trinity have met in past times but never on the friendliest of terms. They must gel to expose the Forever People and thwart Jackson Alpert’s seeming philanthropic ways.

    J’onn J’onzz isn’t really dead, is he? Is this like the reveal of DALLAS where it was all a dream??

    Damian has only begun his Year of Blood trials but he’s determined to hit the finish line. Unfortunately, obstacles like the new Nobody and his mother’s return are present.

    Major fan-fave that has been plagued by frustrating delays and artistic changes. I want to know more about the Elongated Man!! I want to see Riddler relish in his plotting!! Last issue’s flashback definitely fleshed out the suburban move and brought back former members pre-New 52 but it’s high time to really blow the secrets out of the box!!

    Triple treat for me! WW times three!!! What will Diana do while her honey-boo confronts POTUS? Donna is set free! Can she be the heroine she wants to be?

  • MISTRY, P.I. #2 (of 5)
    Graphic India continues to warm my heart. It’s unfortunate this is just a mini but that makes for tighter storytelling. What other paranormal threats lurk the streets of Mumbai?

    Mikey Rhodes must hone his warrior skills more than ever. The Nevermind threatens to undo his existence!

  • ISLAND #2
    Bi-monthly anthology that definitely fits the budget!! Three super-sized stories at 112 pages for $8? What’s not to appreciate? The most off-beat, non-conventional, unorthodox stories are featured here.

  • HOUSE of M #1
    One new mini and two one-shots to expand the Secret Wars landscape. Magnus’ self-made world is on the verge of crumbling. Howard the Duck, right? Wait, that’s not a typo?! How does it feel to stand out in the crowd? Relationships are never rosy in any comic book universe but Marvel really loves to put them through the wringer!

  • 1872 #2
  • INFERNO #4
    Sixteen books in total this week. Oh my! The schedule is accelerated for those titles that are already on number four. The downside is that some will be on hold until October. Loki’s own on-going heads towards Valhalla. Bendis promises that his GUARDIANS will deliver some long-lasting game-changers.

    I only purchase trades and hardcovers when they contain original and/or reprinted material that isn’t so easy to retrieve or comes at too high a price. The last series (presumably) for now comes as an over-sized offering instead of three regular softies. No biggie. This will be cherished among my other collectibles.

  • SILK #6
    Black Cat won’t shake off Silk’s threads. Well, cross a vengeful woman and your work is cut out for you!! Second-last issue before the Incursion.

  • STAR WARS #8
    Stuart Immonen jumps on to the series! All eyes are on him as is the pressure to succeed and outdo John Cassady’s mark.

  • BOOK of DEATH #2 (of 4)
  • RAI #9
    The mini carries on with more finalities in store. I have decided it’s time to jump right on the Valiant bandwagon since it resurfaced three years ago. Luckily, RAI has a new arc which serves a great intro for a new reader like me.

Phil Allen

  • Archie #2 – The first issue was a smash hit and was my introduction into the “standard” Archie universe, as I hadn’t read any Archie until Afterlife With Archie and Death of Archie. Also, being a big fan of Fiona Staples, this is all that’s getting me through this Saga hiatus.
  • Injustice Gods Among Us Year Four #8 – I’m still a couple issues behind, but have consistently enjoyed this series, even through the writing change. I sure hope the rumors of a ‘Year Five’ are true…
  • Martian Manhunter #3 – I haven’t read issue #2 yet but #1 was one of my favorite first issues from the new DCYou line. I’ve wanted to read more about J’onn but the newest series he’s been in over the last couple years didn’t feature him quite enough for my taste. So this is perfect!
  • Hip Hop Family Tree #1 – The hit series comes to single-issue format, also becoming the first monthly from Fantagraphiks! I’ve been wanting to read this for a while but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Now’s the perfect time to jump in for anyone!
  • Island #2 – Over-sized collections featuring different artists are some of my favorite issues of comics. The last issue was a great example, and this month’s is sure to be too. Same team as last issue, but probably different stories. Great content for great value!
  • Rat Queens #11 – New arc and a return to regular scheduling!
  • Howard The Human #1 – If Chip Zdarsky wasn’t doing enough great work with Howard the Duck, now comes his human side from Skottie Young and Jim Mahfood! Literally, Howard, formerly “The Duck”, is a human in a world of animals.
  • Star Wars #8 – After taking a break from the regular story in issue #7, Jason Aaron returns with the second arc, with new series artist Stuart Immonen!
  • Other issues I’m looking forward to:
  • Hexed #12
  • Black Canary #3
  • Dr. Fate #3
  • Justice League: Gods And Monsters #2
  • Robin: Son of Batman #3
  • Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman #13
  • Infinite Loop #5
  • Wolf #2
  • Invader Zim #2


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