Vince Russo Speaks Out In Defense Of Kevin Dunn, Bashes Fans Of Japanese Wrestling

In his latest blog entry for Chair Shot Wrestling, wrestling funnyman Vince Russo comes to the defense of another hated man in wrestling, Kevin Dunn.

The Kevin Dunn Story and Why Professional Wrestling is a Total Parody of Itself
By Vince Russo

Coming off the heels of the shot heard “round the world”–and I’m referring to UFC Head Honcho, Dana White, referring to pro wrestling as the “F” word, the fans of the fictitious world have only yet again affirmed why Dana indeed made such an “outlandish” remark.

For years I have been saying that wrestling is a parody of itself, it’s nothing more than a really good Christopher Guest movie. If at the beginning of every show they would just put up a disclaimer up that reads:

The following program you are about to see, is a total parody of the wrestling business. The names have been changed to protect the innocence and integrity of the actual human beings involved.
That’s it. If that is confirmed up top, before anybody even locks up—then no one would any longer laugh at the things that go on in the squared circle. If it’s “supposed” to be funny—then we are OK. The business gets itself in trouble when its mission is to come across as “genuine” to an audience who I guess was the patient of a group lobotomy.

Here’s the latest case in point. Randy Orton questions the weight of Kevin Owens—on a fictitious wrestling show. The Internet Wrestling Community–Kevin Owens marks–go ballistic. Somebody reports that RAW Executive Producer Kevin Dunn put Orton up to this dastardly deed. The internet nimrods call for the head of Kevin Dunn. A few days later, the person accused of spreading the information claims he never did—thus—it now appears that the rumor started from an unnamed, unidentified, unknown “source.”

Man, it just doesn’t get any better than this. This is almost as good as Terry Bollea charging me with defamation of character when I referred to his fictitious character Hulk Hogan as a “bald headed SOB—IN A WRESTLING RING—ON A WRESTLING SHOW!

Now, it’s sad enough that even one single person spent one air of their breath even discussing this ludicrous situation, however, to go as far as to call for the job of a man that they don’t even KNOW—gets us right back to the parody thing. I swear to you, all we are missing here is Fred Willard—maybe he can play the role of Dunn.

People–this is pathetic. This is perhaps the most insane and immature thing that I’ve ever heard since a former WCW Champion told me that he wouldn’t do a job in a match because if wrestling was “real”, then he could beat the guy he was supposed to lose to. You want to know who that was—figure it out.
I know Kevin Dunn, I knew Kevin Dunn well for five years. Outside of Vince McMahon himself, nobody in the WWE works harder then Kevin does–not even Stephanie McMahon, or Triple H. Unless you actually spent time in the television facility in Stamford, Connecticut, you have NO FREAKIN’ IDEA what goes into running that juggernaut. As a matter of fact, you couldn’t even think about doing it if you had even one, single, other thing going on in your life. It is a monster, it is 24/7 while being at Vince McMahon’s beckon call every step of the way. You have to be a CYBORG to do that job, and Kevin Dunn has been doing it—and doing it quite well–since the beginning of time. I’ve said this for years–if the WWE ever lost Kevin Dunn–it would be the second worst thing to losing Vince himself.

And, who are these nimrods calling for his job? Who are these absolute imbeciles who know absolutely nothing about Kevin, or anything he does. How many of them actually understand what it is to LOSE A JOB? Have any of them ever even HAD A JOB? You know, I had my share of “hate tweets” thrown my way, when I declared last week that wrestling–as my generation knew it–was dead. One, by, one, I blocked all the personal attacks, only to fine that the majority came from teens, and young adults that had no clue to what I was even talking about. They couldn’t understand what I was saying, because they were simply uneducated on the topic—just like they are uneducated about Kevin Dunn.

And, for the life of me, I pray that asking for a man’s unemployment over a FAT JOKE on a TELEVISION SHOW did indeed come from teenagers who didn’t know any better, because if you called for Dunn’s gonads and you’re over the age of 18 . . . man, do you really have some self-evaluation and soul searching to do.

I’ll back Kevin Dunn to the end of the earth. When you can walk in his shoes, and accomplish what he’s done—then you talk to me. Until then—keep yourself busy by star-rating choreographed wrestling matches in Japan.

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