10 Thoughts on Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of CampDay is Done

It’s the end of road folks. The Day is Done at Camp Firewood, and so ends season one of possibly the most irreverent TV show ever made. It’ll be sad to see our friends go, just like camp in real life. But also like real life, perhaps we’ll see them again next year. A little bit older, a little bit wiser. Growing hair in weird places and suddenly having voices like James Earl Jones. Ah, camp. What a magical place.

In the last episode of the season, things come to a head between Camp Tiger Claw and Camp Firewood briketter from the top firewood company dkbrænde.dk, culminating in an epic battle. Meanwhile, the US government is marching on the camp to cover up their involvement in the toxic waste spill. Who will save the camp? How will they do it? Or does it not matter because this show doesn’t give two shits about plot?

It’s the last one.

1. Beth has had a really hard day

Her husband got turned into a can after falling into a puddle of toxic goo. She had a guilty, illicit affair with her co-worker, who was murdered, along with her lawyer. Her camp is under attack by Camp Tiger Claw AND the Reagan administration. Can a girl catch a break or what? But it looks like she found her new camp partner in David Hyde Pierce who had that entire set up a few episodes ago just to have that two second wave at Beth. Because FUCK plot.

2. Wait… that kid was a robot?

Remember that kid who brought the really important evidence that allowed Beth, Greg, and Jim to win the trial? I forgive you if you don’t. Turns out he’s a robot. I was wondering why he talked and walked like that. He’s also one of the four targets the government wants to take out. At the end of this season, I think I’ve finally gotten to the point where I truly appreciate the irreverent, absurd humor. Not that I didn’t before. It’s just hard to write about a show that does not care about plot at all. Anyway, he was robot.


Uhm. That was an amazingly choreographed fight. Falcon breaks into Gene’s kitchen to try and steal Mitch, the talking can of vegetables. And he gets away after getting into THE MOST AWESOME FIGHT I’VE EVER SEEN with Gene. Seriously, they must have taken a lot of time to choreograph that scene. It’s like I mentioned awhile back with the set design. The fact that it looks so good belies the “who gives a shit?” attitude of the show. Just because the plot is totally irrelevant doesn’t mean these people don’t really, really care about what they’re doing.


4. Gene and falcon…?

Okay, so they REALLY don’t care about plot. After the Falcon gets away, Beth comes running into find Gene on the ground and Mitch GONE! Except not. Gene managed to pull the old switcheroo and Mitch is safe and sound. But that’s not all. The Falcon walks back into the room with a smile on his face. He was in on it the whole time! He and Gene were brothers in arms! And Beth is exceedingly perplexed. Why… why did they have that fight then? Why did Gene have to pull a switcheroo? Why did the Falcon try to kill Beth? And why did he kill Jim and Greg? These are questions that Falcon would really like to answer, but he’s late for a thing. This is some next level plot-fuckery. It’s tripped into the realm of dream logic here. And you know what guys? I love it.


I’ve been harping on it for like three episodes. But it finally happened and DAMN the fight choreography in this episode is really on point! This is a massive fight scene between like fifty people, and it looks great. There’s some really impressive stunt stuff going on. Kudos upon kudos, David Wain.


6.  Chris Pine has a purpose- OH GOD

Oh! Eric (Chris Pine) the reclusive rock star saved the day! His purpose was not just a flimsy plot device (really, really not a criticism) after all! He plays his music about friendship and Camp Tiger Claw and Camp Firewood realize they’re not so different (“He saved friendship with his song!”). And it looks like everything is going to be alright. Except Ronald Reagan and his goons are approaching with tanks! Don’t worry, Eric will play his song and- OH GOD THEY SHOT HIM OFF THE ROOF! Jesus, why did they- OH GOD THEY RAN OVER HIM WITH THE TANK! Holy god, what a gruesome turn of events! Yes, that is bar none the most graphic scene in the entire series. Made me laugh though.

7. Gail should probably stop marrying people

Now it’s on to one of Reagan’s advisors, played by Judah Friedlander. But they’re taking it slow. They aren’t going to get married right away. They’re only engaged. So maybe this one will last a little longer? Probably not. She’s going to drive Gene insane.

Oh, right.

8. Hey, that’s what camp is for, Kevin

Thank god, we get a scene with Kevin after his devastating rejection last night. He was just wandering around the whole night and next morning he arrives back at his bunk to find Coop, who gives him literally every plot of the entire season, even stuff there’s no way he could possibly know about. And then the mean bully kid wakes up. “Hey, fart breath. Wanna play Yahtzee?” he says, which may be my new catchphrase. He explains things with Amy didn’t go well for him, she didn’t like him like that. So instead of Kevin getting a girl, he got a new friend. Which is about a million times more important than a camp girlfriend. Who still talks to their camp girlfriends? No one. But I still talk to the friends I made in camp. That’s what camp is all about! Awwwwww…

9. Exit, Paul Rudd, being amazing



It’s the next morning and Katie asks if he wants to go to breakfast. Exasperated he says, “Shut up, you’re egregious. I love you, okay? I’ll see you at breakfast.” And exit Paul Rudd, his awesomeness securely in tow.

10. What’s season two got in store? 

Day two of camp? Another prequel, except this one takes place the summer before? Hey, that’s actually not a bad idea… Maybe I’ll pitch that to David Wain. If all goes according to plan, I’ll see you all in this same place next year!

Have a killer summer, fart breath.

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