Big Brother 17 Episode 26 Recap & Spoilers 08.20.2015


Big Brother 17 Episode 26 just wrapped up! Here’s a recap of everything that went down, and what we think you should expect to come:

WARNING: Spoilers below (duh).

The episode started off following the Veto ceremony. Liz tells us she couldn’t get her hands dirty with going after Vanessa, and would let someone else go after her. Becky says that Liz is terrified of being a target.

Austin and Liz discuss Becky’s speech during the ceremony, and how she threatened Liz for not using the veto. Steve enters and says she was just grasping at straws and it doesn’t actually mean anything.

John compliments Becky’s speech, and Becky declares her hatred of Liz. John tells us all he needs to do this week is law low.

John and Steve discuss their relationship. Steve suggests they make a group, and John says they should go with the Austwins over James and Meg because the Austwins are bigger targets than them.

Steve and John go to give their proposal to Liz and Julia, and they suggest it before they even say anything. Austin enters, and they all agree that they need to get Vanessa out.

Becky goes to give her case to Austin and Julia, and tells them that John is the ultimate pawn, while she’s an actual competitor and will go after Vanessa before them.

Eviction time. The votes are as follows:

  • Steve votes to evict Becky
  • Vanessa votes to evict Becky
  • Meg votes to evict Becky
  • Austin votes to evict Becky
  • Julia votes to evict Becky
  • James votes to evict Becky

By a vote of 6-0: Becky is the eighth person evicted from the Big Brother 17 house, and the third member of the jury.

HOH time. Next week, a jury member will return to the game.

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