Wednesday Comments – My Thoughts On The DC You Titles, Part 1

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Since the majority of the DC You titles have published at least two issues, I figured now would be as good a time as any offer up my take on latest batch of DC books to hit the stands.

Naturally, I did my best to give all the books a fair shake. There were some books that I didn’t pick up, something I’ll discuss more in a couple weeks. But this week I’m focusing on the books that I did pick up and more often than not, that I really enjoyed. So far the DC You has certainly rewarded me for trying new things.

All-Star Section Eight – I’ll admit to arriving late to the Garth Ennis party; I’m just now working my way through Preacher. But if Hitman has half the fun and irreverence in All-Star Section Eight, it’ll be next on my reading list. By far this was the book that was the furthest outside of my comfort zone, but it’s been a pretty hilarious read so far.

Bat-Mite – Of course on the other end of the spectrum is this book. Interesting trivia; I couldn’t even make it through the first issue. I probably stopped about three quarters of the way through the issue. I wasn’t enjoying it and it felt like such a chose that I opted to throw in the towel rather than trudge through it. I seriously can’t recall the last time a book beat me down in such a way.

Bizarro – Now Bizarro was another book that impressed me. I love the lighthearted, continuity free story that still winks at established DCU lore. This book is genuinely fun. And Corson is consistently inconsistent with his Bizarro-speak, which is something I think would fit perfectly with how Bizarro would actually speak, if that makes any sense. The are it bouncy and fun. This is just a fun title.

Cyborg – Granted Cyborg’s had one issue released, but it was pretty good. Walker gave Vic more of a life and personality in one issue of Cyborg than Johns has given him in three years of Justice League. Walker has also laid the seeds with a pretty creepy threat looming in the future. So even though it’s only one issue, it’s an impressive debut that hopefully speaks to future greatness.

Doctor Fate – I almost didn’t pick this book up. I’ve never been a fan of Doctor Fate and the last few years of Paul Levitz’s writing has left me missing his glory days. But I did and I’m glad I did. Not only is it great to see the debut of lead whose not a white male, but it’s also pretty fun to watch a novice hero learn the ropes. It’s also weirdly refreshing to see a book that devotes so much time on the civilian identity and supporting cast, which feels like something books have moved away from.

Doomed – I can’t say why I picked up this book, other than morbid curiosity; I’m hardly the biggest Lobdell fan and I dropped everything Superman related with the recent Doomsday crossover. Naturally I ended up enjoying the book. The first issue was fine, but the second issue, with the humor, really moved the book up in my eyes.

Earth 2: Society – I used to love Earth 2, when James Robinson was writing the book. But when he left and grew little more than a set up for World’s End, I became disillusioned with the title. Tom Taylor did a pretty solid job, picking up for Robinson, but World’s End ruined the book/characters for me. Still I have this book a shot. Sadly Jimenez’s stellar art wasn’t enough to keep me around.

Green Lantern: Lost Army – I’m pretty much always going to pick a Green Lantern title; it’s the reason I’ve got a complete run of the current series despite being completely dissatisfied with Venditti’s run. Lost Army has several things going for it. It’s got Jesus Saiz on art, which is always a good move to make. It’s got an intriguing plot by Bunn and it’s got some of my favorite Green Lanterns. But it’s also got my least favorite characterization; Sniper John Stewart. Well, I guess there’s no such thing as a perfect book.

Or is there? Maybe I’ll bring up on next week, as I continue my look at the DC You.

Until then, it’s Wednesday, go and pick up some fresh new comic books from you local comic books store.