10 Thoughts on NXT August 19th 2015: Tyler Breeze, Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens

JT on NXT logo

1. Much as I like Regal, Bayley and Banks, I am sad that the WWE obsession with contract signings has sullied NXT this week. If I wanted to watch contract signings, I’d become a lawyer.

2. Apparently HHH recently described Tyler Breeze as the heart of NXT or some such nonsense, which tells me he’s not getting moved up to the main roster any time soon.

3. Breeze squashing some random jobber does not send a message to Jushin Thunder Liger, except perhaps that he is not worthy to lace his boots.

4. I think I’m starting to like the Hype Bros despite myself. By contrast, Enzo and Cass have shown little character development in the past year, although Cass is getting better in the ring. Fortunately, the tag team scene on NXT is far more interesting than the one on Raw or Smackdown, and I am cautiously optimistic about the teaming of Jesse Sorensen and the new J.O.B. Squad.

5. Once again Samoa Joe doesn’t get an entrance. WTF, NXT?

6. Steve Cutler is your sacrificial lamb of the week, and barely makes a dent in the Samoan Submission Machine.

7. I can’t believe that Joe has to suffer the indignity of selling for a gimp like Baron Corbin.

8. Next up it’s Blake, Murphy and Alexa Bliss vs Dawkins and Fulton, the latest team to be working the amateur superstar gimmick. Are they athletic? Yes. Are they interesting? Not yet. Fulton looks like a character out of Mad Max, which could work for him in the future. The champs win only to be confronted by the Vaudvillains, who I still find enormously amusing. The only thing they need is a bearded lady to kick Alexa Bliss’ ass…

9. Owens on the mic is entertaining as usual, and the man certainly knows how to play a crowd. I can’t remember the last match that I looked forward to as much as his ladder match with Finn Balor.

10. Takeover: Brooklyn promises to be another good event, which is more than I can say for the four hour Summerslam (despite Jon Stewart hosting, which is sort of awesome).

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